Conscious Communication

What level of intimacy do you have within your relationships?

Ever experience the frustration of not understanding an interaction with someone you love?

Are you wondering why there is consistently friction within some of your relationships? 

Do you ever feel like people are not hearing you, or that you are just unable to hear where someone is coming from?

In this intimate workshop we will discuss repeating patterns within our communications and practice breaking these habitual patterns, forming new ways of communicating with others and ourselves. 

Everything begins within; we will focus on being present to ourselves and our experiences, identifying our needs and seeing if we are able to meet our needs within troublesome interactions, and learn a few basic practices that will help us improve our communications and increase our capacities for compassion. Using shamanic techniques and quick imagery exercises we will explore ways in which we can improve our communication and raise our conscious awareness.


The imagery Lindsey utilizes is akin to a waking dream. Through the introduction of a few images, participants go on a journey within to see in profoundly new ways.

With eyes closed the imaginative, dreaming aspect of the Self is able to show situations and intentions in a new light; unlike the analytical mind the dreaming pops up an image quickly and spontaneously and reveals what may not have been known before, yet was there all along.

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