Who is Lindsey and What does she do?

Lindsey is a transformational guide, dream therapist, and womb mystic.


She supports awakened individuals in the adventure & work of discovering their biggest dreams, their deepest desires, & their heart's softest whispers. Lindsey guides people into living from their heart space in order to empower & strengthen each being in filling their lives with greater love, joy & pleasure than ever before. 

How does she do it?
Flower of Life

 As she draws upon her rich multidisciplinary studies & life experiences, Lindsey guides, coaches & supports individuals one on one to create personalized transformation & development in leaps and bounds.

She also facilitates workshops, circles, group trainings & experiences to remind & awaken the wisdom resting within You. She specializes in dreaming, shamanic techniques, Tantric & Taoist practices, & feminine yoga.

Women of the Moon

You have all the answers that you seek within you! I am here to remind you how to see, feel, smell, taste, hear and know them.

May we dream together, 



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