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Body Knows, Are You Listening?

Direct from our Peruvian travels of December 2018, an example of the mystery of our bodily intelligences that are far quicker & span far vaster than the mind...

*** My lover & I land in Aguas Calientes at 13h in the afternoon. Our plan is to go for a hike to Santa Theresa to visit the hot springs. Upon stepping out of the hotel, I begin to feel uneasy. I feel sad & like I need to be alone. I'm a bit confused, as I was excited about the adventure ahead, yet the present moment calls me to full presence. I can't go anywhere. My emotions begin to escalate, and I tell Jean I must go back to the hotel, alone, and spend some time with me. I'm not sure what's up, but something is & I must respect my tenderness. He seems a bit annoyed, says he understands, and we agree to meet at 17h. I return to the hotel room & wonder if I am tuning into residual emotions regarding my Aunty. In April of this year I was in this same very place when I received the news of her death. As the question forms my body & heart answer with a No. This isn't about her. I relax my mind. I do a breathwork exercise & decide to practice some yoga. My practice begins with soft movement, goes yin, and ends with a deep restorative pose opening my lungs. Then I feel it, deep grief. I cough & cry & my mind is in question while my body simply knows... Knows what? I check my iPad & I receive a text from my father. it's 14h35. He tells me that his father has died. My grandfather died.

It's grief.

Though I am continents away, my body knew. My body signaled to me to take the space&time to connect, so I'd be ready to receive this news. My body was already doing her job of expressing the grief that was rolling through my lineage.


I certainly am a sensitive Being.

Plus grief & I are old friends, so my sensory systems may be primed.

Though that's me, You too have these capabilities to feel so deeply what is going on within your family, friends, community, & planet. If you pause a moment I'm sure you remember the times when you've thought of someone & then they called. Or you felt something unnamable & then your partner told you of their highly emotional experience... The happy, the sad, the joyous, the disappointments, & all the colors in between can be perceived.

We are deeply intertwined; our bodies are the receptors of all kinds of information imperceptible by the mind.

*** The body is conscious. The body always knows. Your bodily intelligence is infinitely more powerful than your mind.

The body knows, are you listening?

The more finely attuned to your bodily sensations, the more deeply you are connected with your heart (feeling intelligence) and womb/hara (primal intelligence), the more powerfully present you may be with all of life that's unfurling around you.


As I rest more deeply into trusting in each moment what it is I feel, sense, & perceive, beyond the veil of 3D, the more alive I become.

As I allow myself to relax into my feeling body & trust, I am more easily able to respond to the necessity of the moment with nourishment.

As I nourish my Self, I become more resilient, integrated, & alive.


What would it take to allow your mental energy to be shared throughout your body?

What would it take for you to create more connection with your own feeling intelligence?

What would it take to rest into receiving from your primal intelligence?


Think about it for a moment, then allow your body to guide you!



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