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Episode #13 Truth About Comfort

We often hear the advice (or rather demand) to - Get out of your comfort Zone! But have you ever stopped to think about what comfort actually is?

In this episode I, Lindsey, give insight on comfort as one of our 5 basic instincts and invites a redefinition & new envisioning of how we relate to comfort.

Many of us live in a twisted relationship to this basic instinct, and in order to begin the journey of right relationship it's important that we stop to check our definitions & framework.

Have a listen to spark your reflections on:

  • An introduction to our 5 Basic Instincts

  • Definition of Comfort

  • How comfort arises after what may be uncomfortable

  • What it'll take to welcome more True Comfort into your life today

Tell me in the comments below how You relate to comfort today!



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Enjoying Her Return the podcast?

Desiring to dive even deeper into your own

embodiment of your dreams & desires?

Then let's connect & see if I may be of greater support to you, wherever you are in your creative process. Whether you desire 1:1 guidance, a retreat experience, or a group course, I am happy to offer my Self in service to your greatest expression!

Remember, you are love, you are light & you are free.

in love & gratitude




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