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Episode #40: Céline Angelici - Doula Extraordinaire

She's a woman on a mission and her passion lights the way. I have the pleasure to introduce you to my dear dream sister Céline Angelici.

Céline is a doula supporting women & families through the phases of life creation - preconception, pregnancy, birth prep, birth & postpartum.

Céline generously opens up about her personal journey into motherhood, her instinctual awakening, and how it transformed & led her to being her Self today. From receiving in her own Life's medicine, she serves a potent love for all those whom she is invited to support.

"I didn't want to go back to work, because architect - I mean everyone can do that, but Being the mother of my own child, I'm the only one!"

Have a listen to receive on:

  • The miracle of creation

  • Doula magic & necessity

  • Following the flow of Life

  • Organic downloads of what's truly essential


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May you return home to your Self today! in love & gratitude, Lindsey


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