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Episode #41 The Unknown, Sitting with & Surrendering to

This episodes opens up the greatness that is sitting with the Unknown. An authentic life is guided by the unknown, and it takes great courage to sit & soften into the unknown & allow it to make of us what the Divine will.

It's one of the most common topics with clients in privates & throughout Courting Desire, how can we soften into the Void of creation and be comfortable with the uncomfortable of the unknown.

By becoming still, quiet, and attuned within we are able to rest into the embodiment of paradox & what it truly means to be Divinely Human, or a Human Being.

Listen to receive on:

  • Being in open space to feeling it all

  • Blood, orgasms, your female form

  • Letting go of the unknown logic & settling into the connection of the deep knowing of Soul guiding forward

  • Wholeness includes mystery & the deep dark womb space

Specific recommendations for your female Self to meet the unknown through your body & life experiences are included. Hint- your Life is giving you plenty of invitations, soften and listen.


If you're ready and feel the call to get intimate with the unknown & deeply attune to Desire as your guide... Book your Courting Desire consult today.



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May this episode be inspiration on your journey of returning Home to your Self. xxoo Lindsey


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