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Episode #43 Orgasmic Experiences

In this episode I decide to expose my orgasmic nature. Since a teen I've had an open playful and explorative relationship to my sexuality, but then suddenly in my mid-20's I found myself feeling completely shut down and disconnected.

That disconnect led me, thanks to the safety and support of my partnership, to healing & integrating sexual violence and reclaiming my orgasmic nature in entirely new and exciting ways. Whenever we are out of alignment with our orgasmic nature, Life gives opportunities and invitations to open up to greater vulnerability and authenticity than ever before.

From orgasmic experiences in my birthing process to full body undulations as my favorite form of Self nourishment, I open up as much as I am comfortable to tell today.

I'll talk you through my journey of openness, trauma & closure, reopening, healing & integration, and the continuing of activating expansion.

Have a listen to receive more on:

  • Orgasmic Nature

  • Surrendering to the unknown

  • Keys to opening your capacity up

  • Nipple orgasms, cervical, heart, throat, and more - types of orgasms



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May this episode be inspiration on your journey of returning Home to your Self. xxoo Lindsey


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