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Episode #8 Valuing the Yin

This episode contains a direct invitation to settle into your yin. Please take a moment to pause, breathe with me, and receive.

Too often we override our receptivity and stay in the yang when indeed life & body are requesting we rest in.

Rejuvenation, nourishment, sensuality, and the big picture, the spherical yin brings us back to the expanded version of our Self. Our natural capacities for harmonization rest within our yin, and feminine sides.

Take time today to rest, connect & tune in.


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Enjoying Her Return the podcast?

Desiring to dive even deeper into your own

embodiment of your dreams & desires?

Then let's connect & see if I may be of greater support to you, wherever you are in your creative process. Whether you desire 1:1 guidance, a retreat experience, or a group course, I am happy to offer my Self in service to your greatest expression. Join my private Facebook group here & let's stay in touch!

Remember, you are love, you are light & you are free.

in love & service,




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