Womb Activation

Are you in connection with your womb? With your instinctual nature?

What do you feel about being a woman?

What is your relationship to your own Power?

Are you ready to upgrade your experience of femininity? 

A personalized womb activation is an energetic transmission & imagery experience that aids you in aligning to & awakening your Source Sophia Divine Feminine connection within. As women, our energy is constantly shifting, our hormones are cycling, & our very nature is like that of Mother Earth's seasons.

There are at least four distinct energies that women pass through throughout their life & within their monthly fertility/menstruation cycle. A womb blessing awakens & balances these energies : the Maiden/Creative, Lover/Mother, Career Woman/Justice Server  & the Wisdom Keeper/Priestess. Each individual has a strong tendency to rest within one of these energies, which is also reflected in which part of the fertility cycle she is most comfortable in. Learn more about where You sit & which energies will help you in manifesting your desires with an appointment. 





Lindsey is guided in creating individual rituals for each womb activation using a combination of methods including imagery, dreamwork, channeling, various ancestral & shamanic supports, feminine embodiment practices & breath work. The energetic form of the activation continues to evolve & is unique to each receiver, based upon what You need in the moment.


The activation is available to all women, regardless of whether they have their natural cycle or womb intact, for the energetic womb is forever present.


A womb activation encourages acceptance & empowerment of femininity by awakening connection to your womb, expanding your creative powers, dissolving any energetic interference or control programming, & cleansing trauma imprints stored within your bodies. Activations are appropriate as a welcoming to womanhood, as support perinatal, as a ritual of coming into greater alignment & connection with your true Source, as one chapter is closing & another is about to open, & simply as a beautiful gift to Your Self. 


Womb Activation : 90minutes, including a take home practice

Investment : 180 Euro 

Womb Speak

"For the first time ever, I feel nourished!" 

"I feel the power inside of me...

I never could have imagined how much is there, just inside me..." 

"My womb is sacred. Wow." 

"I went 8 months without my period and just 2 weeks after our session I received it again. 

One cycle later it continues to be regular and I feel more connected than ever before. Thank you!"

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