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Somatic Dreamwork + Embodiment Mentoring

For Women Reawakening

their Orgasmic Aliveness

Lindsey Curtis, dream therapist, feminine yoga

Welcome to Her Return with Lindsey Curtis. 

This is the place where your conscious + subconscious come to unify. It's a safe space for your female creative powers  to be reclaimed, and where you can come to return home to your wholeness + erotic innocence. 

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Are you ready to feel
Orgasmically Alive? 

Did reading 'orgasmically' make you blush?

If I talk about Pussy does that spark your curiosity, do you feel a tingling sensation within you?


Or does it make you feel uncomfortable, shock or even scare you?

Whatever your experience, it's ok! From my personal journey and through supporting hundreds of women, I can assure you - You are not alone.


I used to be unable to say vagina, let alone vulva. The first few times I said Pussy as an adult I laughed uncontrollably even though I was at home alone.

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After taking my own medicine, I've come to realize that Orgasmic Aliveness is our true nature— it's where we come from + where we must return for vitally rich lives.

Women are the birthers of the world – through all of our projects, creations, & families (whether we choose to birth children or not) we are birthing realities into being. I wholeheartedly believe that when we create from our orgasmic wholeness, whatever that creation is is founded upon vitality and contributes to the vibrancy, gracefulness and harmony of future generations.


The entire Earth benefits from your aliveness. 

Imagine waking up feeling inspired by your night dreams

+ being filled with vitality to create your day. 

Imagine experiencing your sensitivity as nourishing instead of overwhelming and that it's a source of pleasure + aliveness.

Imagine going through your days feeling connected to your Great Dream, trusting that it'll inevitably come to be, and all you need to do is relax + receive.

Are you ready to claim your birthright ?



It is my dream to see You BE radiance + vitality in female form.


It's time to Return to Your Divine Organic Blueprint expressing through you & all of your  creations. Through custom 1:1 programs, group courses & retreats, let's unlock your greatest creativity and most radiant feminine expression here on Earth.

What Women Say About the Work



Self Sourced Professional

I am able to explore my feelings, femininity and the wide world of my dreams. In other words, with her support I dig more into myself in order to seek inner peace and self love.



Fertility Coach

Lindsey’s mere presence invites me into expansion, stillness and spaciousness – which still feels scary sometimes, but is so nourishing and contagious once I dare to relax into it.



Mama Goddess

I have fresh air in my lungs, more love in my heart, more light in my mind and feeling like a dancing Goddess after all. 

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