Dreaming, Alignment, & Embodiment

Return Home to Your Divine Feminine Essence Today!​

Lindsey Curtis, dream therapist, feminine yoga

You desire greater creativity, fertility, & the fulfillment of your secret desires.

All of which are your birthrights to claim.


Are you ready to go on a transformational journey?


I'm Lindsey Curtis and it is my greatest passion to support & guide women like You into the fullness of living your dreams, aligning to your Truth and being the embodiment of your soul's radiance throughout all of your creations. 

To be embodied is literally to have the radiance of your spirit in bodily form, to bridge the spiritual & material & to be able to imbue all of your creations with the fullness of who you are. 

As humans we often have stored traumas & pains that pile up within us, unexpressed & inhibiting the Truth of who we are. Emotions gone unfelt; thoughts, doubts & fears, blocking up our creative airways... It is completely possible & necessary to transform those past experiences, reclaim your power, dream a new dream & allow love to take up more space within you.


It is my dream that You become more fully aligned & embodied than ever before.


As women, we are the birthers of the world – through all of our projects, creations, & families (whether we choose to birth children or not). As we remember and align to our wholeness, & journey to even greater feminine embodiment, the entire Earth becomes more graceful & harmonious.


I devote myself in service to your dreams & your Soul’s highest creations. Through custom 1:1 programs, group courses, activations & retreats, we can unlock your greatest creativity and most radiant feminine expression. 


Love awaits your allowance & acceptance; all you need to do is look within.



In love & gratitude,


Brussels, Belgium


If you are curious to know more about me, you may read a snapshot of my story here.

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Self Sourced Professional

I am able to explore my feelings, femininity and the wide world of my dreams. In other words, with her support I dig more into myself in order to seek inner peace and self love.



Fertility Coach

Lindsey’s mere presence invites me into expansion, stillness and spaciousness – which still feels scary sometimes, but is so nourishing and contagious once I dare to relax into it.



Mama Goddess

I have fresh air in my lungs, more love in my heart, more light in my mind and feeling like a dancing Goddess after all.