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Dreamwork & Imagery

A primal ability of humans is to relate to spirit, as indeed we are spiritual beings having a human experience. How do we enrich both aspects- our human experience & our spirit?

We must clear our emotional blocks

& reclaim our lost energy. 

Our physical bodies are composed of energy at their most simple levels; it is our duty as mature adults to care for that energy. That energy can be known by another name - creativity. The physiological term for creativity is fertility; let me be clear - fertility includes but is by no means limited to baby creation.  By our very nature we are fertile creative beings, informing our physical bodies & our environments.

How is energy & creativity lost? Through trauma we lose energy; through unawareness we lose energy; through being careless with our attention we lose energy, and therefore our very own creative fertility. When we do not fully express or we explode our emotions, we lose energy. When we ignore our inner sensations & intuitions, we lose energy and our creativity & fertility diminish along with it...

Lindsey Curtis, transformational guide
Lindsey Curtis, dreamwork

How do we retrieve energy and restore creative fertility? We align our attention to our inner world & grow our conscious awareness of the subtitles of what is transpiring within & around us. We pay attention to our dreaming, assuming responsibility of balancing ourselves, our minds, emotions, bodies & spirits. We express the trapped emotions within us, and retrieve our spread out & forgotten creative energies. As we are in balance we live in harmony with our shadow, we walk the Earth with love, & we flow within our alignment to spirit.

How do we strengthen spiritual alignment? Shamanic techniques from around the world give us infinite wisdom to going within ourselves, seeing our own dreaming & how to address & ameliorate it. We must assume the responsibility and knowing that we are the dream & the dreamer. Dream therapy practices that are short, quick & profound strengthen that connection in an instant. Feminine embodiment yoga practices also bring awareness inside while cultivating the connection.

The time in which we live requires that each of us takes responsibility for becoming our very own medicine people. 


What is dream? Dream is the language of the heart & body. It is our right brain consciousness. Right now as you read these words you are experiencing a sort of dream. As you pause to ponder, it is another dream. While we meditate we dream; while we sleep we dream; while we make love we dream. Our dream may be a nightmare or it may be light. The paradox is that we create dream while we are the dream. There is no separation.


What is dreaming? Dreaming is everything, right now you are dreaming. There is no difference between our waking and sleeping life; they are different perspectives of the same dream. Dreaming is how we interact with and create the world. The more we become aware that everything around us is a dream, and  we are indeed the dreamer, we realize the ability and power to create a new dream. 


What is imagery? Imagery refers to the images within. Imagery is dream therapy practiced through quickly looking inside & receiving response through image. With a guide, images are quickly induced in order to retrieve the dreamer's emotional report. Within the images seen & experienced lies the treasure to healing, greater joy love & abundance of life. 


What is a waking dream? A waking dream is what occurs when we begin to interact with our images in a conscious way. At times through a quick imagery exercise we will need to continue following the dream until transformation occurs, this allowing to unfold in a conscious way is a waking dream. Often we must interact with and respond to the necessity of a night dream. We do this in waking consciousness through a waking dream. By re-imagining the situation we will interact with the images, we respond and dance with the occurring shifts until we are able to come to a place where we feel complete. That is the purpose of dreaming, to remind us that we are complete and that we have everything we need within. At times we just must clean up some residue to access this deeper knowing. Conscious dreaming does just that. Let's wake up and dream!

What does sensuality have to do with this? We are sensual beings. We interact with the world through our senses. It is your divine right as human to live in love joy bliss; what is keeping you from doing so is how you are sensing. Each time we experience a trauma or charged experience our senses close down a bit as a form of protection. Our energetic field will have a new shape with each acquired experience. Over time our senses may be clogged, just as our emotions become blocked. It is your responsibility to live in ecstatic bliss. In order to do so you must awaken your sensuality & become more embodied. . 

What is embodiment? To embody is to bring spirit into form. The process of embodiment is bringing all the goodness that you are in the etherial into your physical form. To be embodied is to be powerful, strong, solid, and a truly creative being. We must be embodied to manifest out deepest dreams & desires. We become embodied as we clear our emotional, energetic & mental blocks and welcome more of the divine creative force that we are into our bodies. 

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