Lindsey's HerStory

Be free to be the love that you deserve,
while being the light that you are!

Thank you for being here! Reading these words is not by chance, you are within the synchronicity of life, following within your own unique flow. I thank you for Being, for with you here the world is truly a lighter place. 


I am here to remind you of your innate  magnificence. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. You are a being who has all the capacities to self heal & manifest all of your dreams & desires; you are already doing so. Whether you are conscious of it or not. Let me support you in harnessing your awareness & focusing your creative powers for you to experience more love, richness, & vitality than ever before! 


Now, I'll harness the power of vulnerability & tell my story & how I have transformed my greatest shadows into my most luminous light...


HerStory is currently being re-written...

Are you ready to live your heart's dreams & deepest desires?


Professional Qualifications

Certified Saphire® Imagery Practitioner - 7 year apprenticeship with Dr. Catherine Shainberg of the School of Images, NY

Certified DreamBirth® Practitioner - with the School of Images, ongoing mentorship with Claudia Raiken

Feminine Embodiment Teacher - Sacred Female Yoga training with Devashi Shakti,  ongoing mentorship & personal study

BA Psychology, Cum Laude, with Minor in Philosophy-  San Francisco State University 

Prenatal Yoga Teacher - Training with Linda Spackman

Restorative Yoga Teacher - Training with Adelene Cheong 


Fascia Pulsology into Dance - Study with Florence Augendre

Life Her Self - devoted eternal student