Be free to be the love that you deserve, while being the light that you are!

Thank you for being here! Reading these words is not by chance, you are within the synchronicity of life, following within your own unique flow. I thank you for being, for with you here the world is truly a lighter place. 


I am here to remind you of your innate  magnificence. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. You are a being who has all the capacities to self heal & manifest all of your dreams & desires; you are already doing so. whether you are conscious of it or not. Let me support you in harnessing your awareness & focusing your creative powers for you to experience more love, joy & abundant pleasure than ever before! 


Now, I'll harness the power of vulnerability & tell my story & how I have transformed my greatest shadows into my most luminous light...






I am raised by my father, spending most of my childhood in the woods of New Hampshire. My traditional family story is messy; at 5 I lose my mother to a drug overdose. My father is addicted to work, alcohol, & distractions; I am insecure & do not have a place within his family. Trees & rocks are my friends, and squirrels and deer my teachers. Embracing my natural affinity with connecting with the natural elements, I learn to recharge with Mother Earth & master the art of listening & silence.

After early independence & years of just surviving, I wake up one day to realize I am miserable. I receive the grand shock of my older brother's death & realize what my life is truly like at the moment. I have stockpiles of sadness & un-faced shadows, inherited alcoholism & drug dabbling that I am using to escape my broken heart. What do I do?


I meditate. I do yoga. I eat organically. I study everything I can about psychology and philosophy, balance, and spiritualism. I study myself & I focus on love. I take responsibility for myself & decide to rewrite my story. 


In meditation one day I see Australia. The country seems to call me & an opportunity arises that I jump on.


It's 2013. I find myself in the flow, easily catching the signs & responding to the necessities, I feel myself become alive. For the first time ever I feel at home & am attracting my soul family.


A shamanic practitioner finds me & I study dreaming & journeying. I practice healing myself & others while learning how to deepen my connections with Mother Earth & Father Sky. I reconnect my heart & my mind, I heal tremendous pains & begin to realize joy. I reconnect to my womb & am filled with my Self in the most divine way.


My path leads me to the center of Australia, to the magical & powerful Uluru where I meet the partner that my soul calls for. Love guides me to move to Brussels, Belgium where I deepen my experiences within the language of the heart while also learning the love language of French. It's 2014 and my next teachers find me. 

I study with imagery virtuoso Dr. Catherine Shainberg, she provides a framework to the dreaming that gives a firm ground, strong embodiment. I continue practicing & working with the School of Images®, I soak up the ancient wisdom within the Kabbalah of Light & am trained in the Saphire practice® & DreamBirth®.

I am confronted with my own sensual limitations, the unhealed sexual traumas from my early twenties & the intensity of feeling unsafe within my own body. It's 2015 & I learn how to relax & open, how to express & be authentic. I develop greater intimacy with myself & have more space available within my nervous system to experience living. 


I meet my next teacher, Dévashi Shakti. My yoga practice radically transforms into being supportive for my female form & gently awakens my orgasmic bliss capacities. Through linking my practices with my menstrual cycle, I am able to fully live in nature's rhythm, my natural rhythm. My sensual/sexual self expands in sovereignty & safety. 

I remember my purpose, to empower & guide women and awakened men into their hearts & wombs (& hara). Now I have the strength & calling to do so. I embrace my soul's gifts & open to sharing them.   


Life may not always be pretty & it certainly does not always seem easy. From doing drugs in Hollywood to dancing my heart's dreams, I embody how to transform darkness into light with intention & grace. Daily I create my personal bridge between day & night. I am a true dreamer & I walk my golden path with love in my heart & light in my feet.


Focused on bringing more love to everyone on Earth, & lightening the hearts of all dreamers, I dedicate myself to service, supporting & guiding You into reawakening to the voice of your heart's softest whispers & your womb's deepest, wildest & most fantastic desires & dreams! 

Are you ready to live your heart's dreams & deepest desires?