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Episode #55 Mama Manon & Holistic Parenting

Mama Manon

Today I invite Mama Manon onto the podcast for this conversation about holistic parenting.

Manon's unique holistic parenting approach combines compassionate space holding, nervous system regulation, and healing of attachment or relational traumas. Her 1:1 sessions and online courses support parents around the world in somatic healing & respectful parenting.

Entering parenthood is one of the greatest initiations and invitations to do the work of realizing what is within us & what we desire to transform in service of our children. Through the journey of mothering we are gifted the opportunity to re-mother ourselves while integrating the many parts that we have relegated to the shadows. From top down & bottom up, may we all parts be known & welcomed into love.

Listen to receive on:

  • Inner child healing

  • Mind Body Integration

  • Being in relationship with our children

  • Anger & the shame spiral

  • Kids push for our authenticity


Connect with Manon on Facebook and Instagram.

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May this episode be inspiration on your journey of returning Home to your Self. xxoo Lindsey


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