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Episode #39 Self-Parenting, Reparenting Self

Today we open up the nebulous concept of inner parenting, and ground it down with a guided experiencing of how to actually do it.

Born into a world lacking emotional intelligence, we each have the responsibility of taking up the devotional caring for our inner experience of past & present events. How we do that is largely led by our internal templates of Mother & Father.

Luckily, these templates are not static and with our loving presence we can alter, transform & upgrade our inner models to truly support full expressive creativity.

Listen to be guided into a direct imaginal experience of it here. Enjoy!


Book a Consult for Courting Desire Here. Courting Desire is the 9 Month Journey beginning in October 2022 where we spiral deeply into the reclamation of being led by the pure energy of Desire. Weaved throughout are upgrades of our inner parenting templates, as their alignment reflects our experience of worthiness & connection to Desire, and so much more. Let's connect to discuss if you are ready for the transmission.


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May you return home to your Self today! in love & gratitude, Lindsey


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