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Soulful Vitality
Transformational 1:1 Mentorship
for women who are ready to return home to the abundant creativity that is their birthright

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Imagine being born into this beautiful world, on your own sacred path,
having your life’s experiences just to stay small.


You were born for so much more…


Can you feel that longing for more deep within you?


More Love.

More Energy.

More Vitality.

More Fullness of your being.


More of You, here.

And not just more… ALL OF YOU.

Fully here, alive, engaged, outspoken, claiming and creating what it is you most deeply desire + deserve.

You can feel it, the longing for more– 

More Love. More Vitality. More Fullness…

More of  Your Soulful Essence, 

Expressing Your Truth + Creating Beauty Here on Earth.

This is for You if...

You sense there are deeper Truths – greater meanings to Life and your expression of it through your female form – but you’re not entirely sure how to access them.


You can feel there’s an edge, a block, a wall, that you’ve been consciously or subconsciously brushing up against, but you can’t seem to get beyond it.

You’ve created Beauty already.


You have a certain level of success in one or multiple areas of your life, and yet you feel unsatisfied, like there is something more delicious yet to be tasted, a Great Dream inexperienced.

You’ve been on the path for a while, have read the books, have experience with various healing therapies, and may even be certified in some of them yourself. 

AND… there’s still the unignorable Burning Desire yet to be fulfilled for…


✷ Sensual Aliveness ✷

 ✷ Orgasmic Elation ✷ 

✷ Conscious Partnership ✷

✷ Conscious Conception ✷

✷ Sensual Pregnancy ✷

✷ Empowered Birthing ✷

✷ Vitally Sourced Motherhood ✷

✷ Recipricol Community ✷

✷ Feeling Whole ✷

✷ Being Creative ✷

✷ Bringing Your Burning Desires to life ✷

Soulful Vitality is a 1-on-1 transformational 6 month container devoted to your deepest desires becoming known, embodied, expressed, + experienced.

If You're Ready to...

Go beyond the self, familial, + culturally imposed limitations on your creativity and how you express yourself as a woman here on Earth. 

Go beyond what you thought was possible for your Life, yet have always felt the tinglings of deep within your dreams, heart + womb.


Go beyond that cushy comfort zone that you’ve meticulously crafted but you know is actually smothering you.


Get intimate with the many parts of you that have been alienated– both the destructive and highly creative ones– reintegrate them & express your wholeness in life giving ways.


How It Works

Everyone has at least one Great Dream, the dream your Soul came here to express through. Some of us are blessed with many. Imagine – six months devoted to your Great Dream held within a sacred container where you receive:

  • Weekly 60m. 1:1 sessions

  • Somatic dream therapy + feminine embodiment mentoring

  • Personalized imaginal exercises + dream prompts

  • Homeplay exercises curated specifically for you

  • Email, text, + voice message direct access to me between sessions

  • Discounts to participate in classes outside our container


There is no dream too big, no grievance too small to be realized, to expressed, to be held in this container. Guided deep within your subconscious you will to release stagnating emotions, beliefs, and identities, in order to reveal the Truth of your Soulful Self that’s been here all along.… 

It’s time to allow your deepest Desires to manifest. 

Are you ready to claim your deep desires?

Hey Beauty, 

If you're down here on the page, then you are connected with Desire! I feel blessed to be able to work with women like you who are anchored in Love + devoted to expressing their wholeness. Being so guarantees leaving legacies of Love through our example, projects, and creations. Forward and back through time, we are lightening our bloodlines + all those beings connected to us throughout time space as we choose to embody our own aliveness.


It's scary, to transform, to claim our dreams + desires, to journey into our own depths + surrender to the great mystery, to allow Love to touch all that is unloved but never unlovable. Over a decade upon my path, I feel the fears right before making new movements to expand.


I get it. Soulful Vitality mentoring is a big investment in yourself− time, energy, money, attention. You are worth it, + infinitely more. If you're feeling the Desire + are courageous enough to follow, then I'm so excited to meet you soon for our consult call! 

Speak soon xxoo,

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Mother + Administrator

Often the actual work and exercises didn't seem to have a direct connection with the intentions that I had set at the beginning of the journey, but that's where the magic and the beauty of imagery and dreaming lies... During the process the picture I had of me and my life experience separated into puzzle pieces, got rearranged in a way that made me see it in a whole new light, and with new eyes.  I'm experiencing more love and ultimately, simply more joy! 



I'm now caring for my needs and claiming my desires. I own my feminine fire and feel safe enough to allow it to expand! That's revolutionary for me. Having had the space held to be able to acknowledge and transform sexual traumas, I feel how now I'm no longer scared of my darker sides and rooted in a new/old sense of authentic power.


Mama+ Breathwork Facilitator

When we work together I'm always called to be the most honest and intimate with myself that I can be. To go straight to the root of my conflict/distress, cutting off the superficial layers of every situation or experience. I get to see what is living in my subconscious, and the source of the habits and patterns that are not serving me, and then transform for good.

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