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Soulful Vitality
Sacred 1:1 Transformational Container 

Remember, You Are Number 1

Lindsey Curtis
Nothing becomes real until a commitment is made.


Are you stepping into a transitional phase? Are you ready to welcome transformation into your life while shifting your consciousness to experience greater presence & awareness with more love & joy than ever before? What would it take to access greater amounts of energy for fulfilling your heart’s dreams in a rapid amount of time?


Yes, you are ready?!

Set up a Free Transformational Session Now & 

Meet with Lindsey to design your unique transformation journey! 




With Lindsey as your personal guide & support system, there is no dream too big, no issue too small. Now is the time to get going on the only real work there is, to realize what is your deepest desire! Once the desire is clearly intended, the whole universe conspires to make it manifest. How to become clear on your desires?


For a set amount of time you will receive weekly or bi-weekly 1-on-1 sessions & teachings, filled with exercises and homeplay to support your growth and healing. Between sessions you have unlimited text & vocal access for questions, concerns, and additional guidance from Lindsey.


Directed by imagery, embodied dreaming, shamanic, Tao & Tantric practices, Lindsey guides you deep within to release stagnating emotions & energies. Emotion is energy; by clearing old emotions that keep you from being fully present, you gain greater access to clear powerful energy to focus on your dreams.


What are your dreams? Many times we know deep down, and sometimes we have chosen to forget. Together and through the work you will uncover them again. Making clear to the universe your heart’s dreams, your whole life transforms with a new radiance and purpose.





*Potent weekly or biweekly 1:1 Sessions

* Customized Rhythm to Meet Your Life Pace

* Unique Individual Program Co-created for Your Life & Dreams 

* Unlimited Text & Vocal Accessed Support Between Sessions

* Homeplay Exercises & Invitations 



Are you ready to commit?

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute Transformational Session Today!



What People Experience

"During the process the picture of me and my life experience separated into puzzle pieces

and got rearranged in a way that made me see it in a whole new light, with new eyes." 

"It's the best commitment I've made. All of my intentions came to be and

I am experiencing more than I imagined possible. Thank you!"

"In my quest for personal development, I have seen many people write on their website that their work is 'transformational'. But I dare say that the only person who made that promise come true -  within a very short time - is you [Lindsey]... It is a true blessing to have met you and having received so many practical tools whilst also knowing that I can return to your guidance whenever the need arises. "

6 Month Sacred Container

Speed of Light -

for the gnostic 

24 Weekly sessions

unlimited text & vocal messaging support

Nature's Rhythms -

for the busy bee

12 Biweekly sessions

unlimited text & vocal messaging support

Transformational Journeys are facilitated  ONLINE via Zoom. The journey begins with a free 30 consultation with Lindsey to see if now is the time to work together. 

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