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Episode #53: Empaths Becoming Compassionates

Devoted to the fullness of Her embodied, I've made this episode in service to soothing the hearts identified as empath.

Empath is in fact not an identity, at least not one that I would recommend sticking to. In this episode I invite you to open up to the possibility that being an empath or empathic is just one evolutionary step upon your path to becoming compassionate - which yourself first & then all those around.

Recently three sessions within a week were centered around this topic, prompting me to create this episode for your ears & soul.

Highly sensitive people often pathologize (ask me how I know!), but it is indeed a gift that requires cultivation. Like the great gardener who spends hours on their knees pulling weeds, we too much invest the time and energy to cultivating strong healthy boundaries, intimacy with our heart's and discernment of what is ours and what is another's.

Listen to receive more on:

  • Boundary development

  • Internal referencing

  • Heart embodiment

  • Empathy as evolutionary step towards compassion


If you know someone empathic or highly sensitive, send your love & this episode their way!


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May this episode be inspiration on your journey

of returning Home to your Self.

xxoo Lindsey


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