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Episode #47 Sacred Anger, Rage and Embodied Emotional Expression

You are an animal being, human with a primal animal body within you.

This episode is devoted to integrating your animalistic anger and rage, so that the sacredness of anger can clearly guide you in what to give your creative energy to.

Anger is here to serve Life.

First, we need to get clear with the energy of anger - get comfortable with what it does within the body. From there we can then choose to direct & alchemize that energy into something new.

If we have a lot of backed-up anger, or are already stressed & dysregulated, then expressing it in healthy physically embodied ways is often more accessible than making a new creative movement.

A woman with a healthy relationship to anger is blessed, protected and guided; all that with nourishing boundaries and needs met.


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May this episode be inspiration on your journey of returning Home to your Self. xxoo Lindsey


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