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Sensual Explorations

3 month group mentorship online course + 1:1 support included
For the woman ready to embody her sensual aliveness.

Currently in Progress

Imagine Being Nourished by Your Sensuality

Embrace the path of opening to Life as a Sensual experience. 

The whole of it. The trees standing erect, the air blowing invisibly, the budding flower, the soft mossy Earth. 

Breathing into what you feel through your senses, and allow that feeling to express through sound, exhale, movement, and experience the flow of Life flowing through you.


Sensual Explorations is an online temple space to gather among women to explore, expand and integrate your sensual nature. Gathering weekly over three months time to turn your senses on + up, it's an opportunity to dive into the vastness of sensual aliveness through direct experience. 

Alternating between imagery/dreamwork classes to clear + revitalize your subconscious, and feminine embodiment practices, this course reconnects you to You through the multidimensional layers of your body + being.


By divine-human design you experience life through your five bodily senses—taste, touch, sight, hearing, smelling—as well as your more mysterious intuitive + instinctual sensory systems. This a journey devoted to opening them all up lke never before, to rebirth your most radiant sensual self. 

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Sensual Explorations is for You if you Desire to


 Feel deeply nourished by your breath + female bodily experiences

Experience feminine magnetism

Unwind years of social conditioning + unexpressed vitality 

Open up your voice + activate your sounds

Transform from highly sensitive overwhelm to deeply nourished sensual aliveness

Increase your emotional + relational intelligence

Reclaim your birthright to Be Sensational

What would it take to feel Sensual Aliveness?

When we feel safe within our bodies our senses naturally expand, our sensuality naturally awakens. Sensual Aliveness is your birthright + part of your essence. With a strong foundation, a lifelong journey of empowered expansion is simply experienced one breath at a time. Sensual Explorations is here for building + strengthening your sensual foundation.


This is an interactive + participatory course, not a place to come & sit on the sidelines and observe. It's a space where self intimacy is everything...


Everything offered within the journey is an invitation; it's up to you to engage, practice, express, and claim your Desire. 

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Fully  meet + feel what is already moving within you! 

I have fresh air in my lungs, more love in my heart,

more light in my mind and feeling like a dancing Goddess after all. 

I strongly suggest this course to any women who is

ready to open and receive, share and dare!

- Elina

Your richly vital + radiant Life needs your sensuality turned on + tuned in to experience it. 

The creative, life experiencing, life giving sensory system that is your female body needs You in Her now. This is a journey to get you in Her + feeling Life. 

For valid individual, unique, and collective reasons we subconsciously (or consciously) decide it's unsafe to feel, unsafe to experience the full spectrum of our sensuality, and slowly cut ourselves off from our inner sense, and our innocence. 

This course is designed for You to reclaim your embodied power & redefine what it means to be a Sensual Woman. Through somatic dreamwork you will have the opportunity to see what has been blocking your sensual flow + have the choice to choose again. Through feminine embodiment practices you will be invited to create space within your nervous system and the safety to deeply relax into your body, before beginning to practice ways to activate greater levels of sensual experience and expression. 

Sensual Explorations is an online 3 month group mentorship course of weekly classes with private 1-on-1 support included

This is a deep sensual dive online course with:

  • Weekly live somatic dreamwork classes + embodiment practices

  • Homeplay exercises  + invitations

  • 60+min Sensual Femme Tantrique recorded downloadable class 

  • Additional recorded practices

  • Depending on your choice—1 or 3 transformational 1:1 somatic dreamwork + embodiment sessions with Lindsey to laser in on your unique experience

  • Private Telegram group for all questions, expressions + support

Throughout the journey we unpack your cultural conditioning + rewire your nervous system to relax into Being. Together we clear the way using ancient breathing techniques, feminine embodiment practices, imagery exercises, and somatic dreamwork to encourage your expression + cultivation of personal power through sensuality. There are Homeplay practices for between our meetings to expand your daily awakening.

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Sensual Aliveness supports you in feeling...

  • Beautiful

  • Instinctual + Intuitive

  • Confident in your body

  • Intimate with your Self

  • Trust in the Great Mystery

  • Honoring your cyclical nature

  • Grounded, tethered to the Earth 

  • Vitality, filled with renewed vibrancy

  • Acceptance + celebration of your female body

  • Innocent + playful with your senses

  • Orgasmic in new + unexpected ways

  • Magnetic— people, circumstances, synchronicities + miracles are drawn your way

The Curriculum

The way the journey works is that there are two weeks for each module. The first week's class is for somatic dreamwork + the inner exploration. The second week is for embodiment practices + the outer expression. 

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Module 1

Grounding into Sensuality & Alignment

  • Opening the Space + Intentions

  • Exploring sensuality imprints

  • Clearing what no longer serves Truth

  • Aligning to Sensual Self

Pampas Grass

Module 2

Building a Container to Receive

  • Containment vs Control

  • Repairing boundaries

  • Anchoring into No/Yes 

  • Building the energy field

Orange Dahlia

Module 3

Cleaning the Senses & Sounding

  • Cleaning + purify the senses

  • Opening the voice to sounding 

  • Womb intelligence

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

Module 4

Self-Love & Cultivating Expansion

  • Activating the senses 

  • Love of movement + breath 

  • The levels of intimacy

  • Cultivating aliveness


Module 5

The Art of Receiving

  • Balancing giving + receiving

  • Feminine receptivity

  • Tending to the arts

  • Surrender

Autumn Leaves

Module 6

Reweaving the Tapestry

  • Deep clearing of ancestral beliefs + heritage 

  • Body image updates

  • Removing the veils

  • Anchoring sensual alivenes

Curriculum subject to change as guided by the group's necessities.

Sensual Explorations has helped me (and continues to help me) connect

to what’s going on on the inside and open me to the subtleties of my sensations through simple, yet powerful breathing, sounding, dancing, yoga

and imagery exercises. 


- Claudia Concha

Fertility & Wellness Coach

Image by Felix Wegerer

If you're here it's for a reason + it's likely sensational.

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About Your Mentor 

Lindsey Curtis is a Mama + mystic devoted to ancient dreaming wisdom + the embodiment of orgasmic bliss one breath at a time. Since 2014, she's supported hundreds of women around the world through 1:1 sessions, courses, retreats & workshops. Unifying dreamwork with sacred feminine arts allows Lindsey a unique top down + bottom up approach to healing, integrating, and expanding Soulful Self Embodiment. 


Once upon a time she embarked upon a journey to reclaim her sensual & sexual nature; she went from feeling frozen and rigid to feeling fluid with her whole body enlivened. For years she devoted +10 hours a week to her personal sensual/sexual cultivation practices + explorations. After becoming a Mama, she fell down the spiral, felt like she lost it all, and has danced her way to integrating a whole new way of Being a Sensual Woman.


It is from her own devotion that she creates space for you to discover + expand into yours. 

Live Class Schedule

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All classes take place via Zoom and are 60-90mins (alternating between dreamwork + embodiment) Time Zone Converter


Class is currently in session. 

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Sensual Women Are Saying...

"​Now I am sure of it, I hold within me an incredible power!" - Marie, Belgium

"I feel more rich and activated from within to continue with the tools and knowledge I gained. Sensual Explorations combines Lindsey's quality as an exceptional guide in private coaching sessions with a helpful and varied program offered in group sessions. Thank you!"  Deborah

"Sensuality has moved away from a narrow, sexual definition and has begun to encompass pleasant as well as non-pleasant experiences. I feel whole, and like Lindsey says, all of my life is welcome!" Doreen, Canada

"Connecting with all that I feel makes me even more compassionate towards others! Since this course I have the feeling I am more understanding, and more loving. I don't take things personally, and I am able to see other's suffering or joy or sadness as something that is theirs rather than seeing the actions resulting from these emotions as things they do against me. I feel like some of my wounds have healed so that other people do not reflect my suffering anymore. And I am also able to be vulnerable and to be truly honest with my closest friends."  Charlotte, Australia

  • How much time do I need to give to exercises + Homeplay?
    Nothing is obligatory. Imagery + somatic dreamwork practices range between 2-10mins. Sensual embodiment practices are about 10 minutes minimum and can be expanded into following the flow as long as you desire + have availability for. As you engage + make these practices your own, the quicker and easier it will be to experience the benefits of feeling your own sensual aliveness. It is recommended to practice at least 2-3 times a week. The more you do, the more you may find it's easier to weave them throughout your day and life.
  • I'm not used to feeling my feelings, can I still participate?
    YES. This is a great journey to develop intimacy with feeling your feels and expressing them in a safe space. Sensual Explorations is here to build your feeling capacity + sensual connectivity one breath at a time.
  • What if I can't attend class?
    All classes are recorded, uploaded within 72 hours, and posted within the Telegram space. You will have access to the recordings for one year. The Telegram space is available for expressions, mentoring, and community engagement. Private 1:1 sessions may be utilized to expand into any topics of missed classes that you desire greater opening into.
  • Is this course for a certain age group?
    No. If you are beyond menarche (first menstrual blood) and you are alive, then your sensual nature is ready to be explored. Previous participants have been between ages 21-70years old and each received the benefit of greater confidence and feeling at ease within their female body.
  • Can I speak with Lindsey before enrolling?
    If there is a direct question you may email Lindsey directly at If you desire to have a brief discussion, it is possible to have a consult call before signing up for the course. Schedule that here. If you can't find a suitable time, email Lindsey & you'll find one together.
  • Do you offer scholarships or discounts?
    There are two partial scholarships available for single mothers or women in financial need. Email Lindsey expressing your desire and your need, and details will be sent your way.
  • I've joined a previous journey of Sensual Explorations. Can I join again?
    YES! Women that join additional journeys tend to be touched by new aspects, make new revelations, and come into deeper intimacy with the subtleties of Sensuality as a spiritual path. Plus it is beneficial for the group field to have another wise one already on the path. Each season of life brings new levels of possibility within the realms of sensuality; if you are feeling the call let's spend this season playing together again. We offer a 40% discount to previous participants of Sensual Explorations 3 month journey who desire to join another round. If you are interested in joining write us at and next steps will be shared.
  • Je suis francophone, mais je comprendre bien l'anglais. Puis-je quand même participer?
    Le cours sera donné en anglais. Lindsey parle couramment le français et peut répondre à vos expressions, mais elle ne traduira pas tout. Prendre un rendezvous pour discuter avec elle de vos circonstances. Fixer un rdv ici.

Every woman who is ready to reclaim her power and self love should follow this course. I had no idea how conditioned and 'closed' I was until all of it deconstructed, old wounds healed, and I honored my power. I realized it is not about being a best version of myself, but about being the only version of myself worth being : my true self, vibrant, sensual, feeling, sensing and loving.

- Stephanie

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