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Sensual Explorations:
Return Home to Your Sensual Nature

April - June 2023

What is sensuality?

What is it like to welcome sensuality into your life?

We are sensual beings, by divine-human design we experience our lives through our five bodily senses- taste, touch, sight, hearing, smelling, as well as our more mysterious intuitive & instinctual sensory systems. However, through life's experiences we often shutdown our sensuality. For various individual, unique, and collective reasons we subconsciously (or consciously) decide it's unsafe to feel, unsafe to experience the full spectrum of our sensuality, so slowly we cut ourselves off from our inner sense, and our innocence. 

To be living a vitality rich & radiant life it is essential to own the power of sensuality. Owning & assuming our full power is a lifetime journey, it's a long path of continued exploration, expansion, & integration. It requires Your tenacity, courage, and devotion.


Fully  meet & feel what is already moving within you! 

This online temple space is curated to gather as women & explore, expand & integrate our sensual nature. Over three months time we come together to turn our senses on + up high & dive into the vast subject of sensuality through direct experience. 

This course is designed for You to reclaim your embodied power & redefine what it means to be a sensual woman. 




It is in being exactly as you are that your sensuality is set free. This course is created to meet you where you are & provide tools, support & insights to open up your sensuality in a safe & empowering way. There is a large therapeutic focus on the foundations of building safety within the nervous system & deep relaxation within your body & being before beginning to activate greater levels of energy.

When we feel safe within our bodies our senses naturally expand, our sensuality naturally awakens. With a strong foundation, a lifelong journey of empowered expansion is simply experienced one breath at a time. This is an interactive & participatory course, not a place to come & sit on the sidelines and observe. The tools & support offered here is completely dependent upon your engagement, and your desire to claim your self for You! 

What is Sensual Explorations?

This is a deep sensual dive online course with 6 live 90 minute bi-weekly classes, an online container space for exchanging, additional recorded practices, and 6 transformational 1:1 support sessions.

During our 6 X 90 minute live classes we unpack our cultural conditioning & rewire our nervous systems to relax into Being. Together we clear the way using ancient breathing techniques & profound imagery exercises & embodied dreaming to encourage greater embodiment & cultivation of personal power. There are practices to be developed upon between our meetings & to be of support to you in your daily awakening.

To support your home practice cultivation, Lindsey includes an additional video/audio recordings in the weeks between group class in order to further nourish your sensual self. 

In between sessions, you have access to a private Facebook group. This online container is there for your questions & expressions and will be open for a few weeks after the course ends for integration.




  • 6 private 1:1 transformational sessions

  • 6 Live transformational group classes

  • Recorded video/audio guides for home practice

  • Private online womb space for expression & connection

  • Bonus Q&A group session

  • And more...

Are you ready?

The journey begins with a free consultation call with Lindsey.



The group journey happens April - June 2023



Your Sensual Power Now! 


I'm Lindsey Curtis

Sensual Explorations has helped me (and will continue to help me) connect

even more to what’s going on for me on the inside and open me to the subtleties of my sensations through simple, yet powerful breathing, sounding, dancing, yoga

and imagery exercises. 


- Claudia Concha

Fertility & Wellness Coach

It is my greatest pleasure to witness & support women in the activation, expansion & integration of their sensual embodiment. I live immersed in the mystical experiences of ancient dreaming wisdom & the embodiment of orgasmic bliss one breath at a time. Since 2014, I specialize in supporting women in embodying greater richness & vitality in their emotional & sexual lives. I've supported hundreds of women in North America, Europe, and Australia through 1:1 sessions, courses, retreats & workshops. Once upon a time I embarked upon a journey to reclaim my sensual & sexual nature; from my own sovereignty I devote myself to supporting your journey too! I absolutely love witnessing women claiming their sovereign Self & embodying their unique frequencies of feminine power. I've been offering Sensual Explorations since 2018 in group format & in 1:1 sessions, and  each new course launch is an evolution & Divine blessing! 

Benefits Received:

  • A deep dive to cultivate & expand your sensuality

  • Increased Expressiveness & Authenticity

  • More love, light & freedom within & around you

  • Unique sisterhood experience

  • Reconnection to your femininity

  • A reset to your Self-Nourishment

  • And more...


"Sensual Explorations combines Lindsey's quality as an exceptional guide in private coaching sessions with a helpful and varied program offered in group sessions. I feel more rich and activated from within to continue with the tools and knowledge I gained. Thank you!" - Deborah





This course is filled with embodiment practices, explorations & removal of the conditionings limiting sensual freedom. Dissolving patriarchal imprints & possible traumatic experiences one breath at a time.  


For far too long we have been taught to be afraid of our own aliveness; together we rewrite that story! 

This journey is an initiation to your own unique pathway of sensual awakening. 


"I hold within me an incredible power."

Schedule a free introductory session with Lindsey to see if Sensual Explorations is right for you! 




What's on the Agenda?

Week 1

Group Class: Grounding into Sensuality & Alignment

Exploring what our subconscious imprints of sensuality are, clearing what we no longer desire to keep, and aligning to Sensual Self. 

Week 2

Recorded Practice Based Upon Previous Week's Class

Each recorded practice is posted in the private Facebook group & expands upon what was covered in the previous class. 

Week 3

Group Class: Building a Container to Receive

Repairing boundaries & building the energy field

Week 4

Recorded Practice Based Upon Previous Week's Class

 As each course unfolds based upon the women participating, the content is subject to evolve.

Week 5

Group Class: Cleaning the Senses & Sounding

Profound Imagery work to clean & purify the senses, and opening up the voice to sounding

Week 6

Recorded Womb Breathing Practice

Anchoring into womb consciousness with this breath practice.

Week 7

Group Class: Self-Love & Cultivating Expansion

Opening up the senses through imagery, movement & breath, cultivation of intimacy & love

Week 8

Group Class: The Art of Receiving

Embodying the balance of giving & receiving through your feminine form

Week 9

Recorded Practice Based Upon Previous Week's Class

As each course unfolds based upon the women participating, the content is subject to evolve.

Week 10

Group Class: Clearing What Need Not Remain

Deep clearing of ancestral beliefs regarding sensuality, body image, and removing the veils that prevent

seeing Self

Week 11

Recorded Practice Based Upon Previous Week's Class

As each course unfolds based upon the women participating, the content is subject to evolve.

Week 12

Bonus Group Class: Integration with Q&A

Setting you up to continue cultivating & embodying your Sensual Self!

* Plus *

6 Private Highly Focused 1:1 Transformational Sessions

To be scheduled directly with Lindsey throughout the duration of the course - August - November 2020.

* Plus * 

Recorded: 60 Minute Sensual Embodiment Yoga Practice

A delicious practice for your nourishment & growth

I have fresh air in my lungs, more love in my heart,

more light in my mind and feeling like a dancing Goddess after all. 

I strongly suggest this course to any women who is

ready to open and receive, share and dare!

- Elina


"Lindsey's skillful work with imagery brought me

into contact with aspects of myself/inner life

like no other technique had so far. " 


Answers to Your Most Asked Questions

Are group classes recorded? Yes, though you are strongly encouraged to attend the live class for direct feedback, guidance & community interaction.

How long are the practices I'll have to do? Nothing is obligatory, while the more attention & practice you put in on your own time will only expand & support you. Practices are between 3-10 minutes minimum, and can be expanded depending on your availability each time. It's recommended that you make space to practice an exercise 2-3 times per week.

Is there a payment plan available? Yes, contact Lindsey directly to discuss.


Can I just have the private sessions and skip the group classes?  The benefits of a group course is that there is a common theme, Sensuality, that we are exploring & personal insights are often revealed while witnessing & listening to another's expression. Though if you desire private 1:1 support only, contact Lindsey to discuss options.


Can I come to the group classes and skip the 1:1 sessions? Not at this time. After giving this course a number of times in various formats, and through the direct feedback from previous participants, Lindsey realized that the 1:1 support is indispensable for longterm transformation & integration.

I'm not used to feeling my feelings, can I still participate? YES, beautiful sister this course is made to build your feeling capacity & sensual connectivity one breath at a time. 

I am a busy working mother, will I benefit if I don't practice on my own? YES. Gifting yourself the devoted time for our group & private sessions will bring you into greater contact with yourself as a sensual woman beyond your roles. You may even be surprised to find a few practices are extremely easy to integrate into your days.

Is this for a certain age group? No. If you are beyond menarche (first menstrual bleed) and you are still alive, then your sensual nature is here to be explored! Previous participants have been between ages 21-67. And an even wider range is welcome & celebrated!

Though I feel it resonates I haven't met Lindsey. Can we speak? Absolutely Yes. Scroll down and schedule a free 20 minute discovery session & Lindsey is happy to meet you online or over the phone.  

We begin April 2023

Step one of enrollment is setting a call with Lindsey.


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