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Episode #45 The Mother Wound, Rejection, Integration & Healing the Mother Wound

This one, an episode so close to my heart & womb, is all about the Mother Wound.

The greatest wounding that we have on our dear Earth, as far as I'm concerned, is the disconnection from Mother.

Herein I tell about what the Mother Wound is, how it's been experiences & transformed in my personal life, and how it may be showing up in your life experience today.

From the rejection of vulnerability, hiding in the mind, and being guarded against the feminine, to opening up to the purest frequencies of the Divine Mother & Mother Earth embodied, the integration & transformation of the Mother Wound is our greatest invitation today.

Listen to receive more on:

  • Pure Alignment with Desire

  • Addiction = Distraction from Pain

  • Rejection of the Mother & Mothering

  • Mother Wounding in Motherhood, Motherless Mom

  • Mothering Inside & Outside - self, children, & projects


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May this episode be inspiration for your journey of returning Home to your Self.

xxoo Lindsey


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