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Courting Desire

A Year Journey of Self Reclamation

Highly transformational sacred online group container for women to reclaim their Desire, & thereby come home to fullness of Self. 
Preconception, 3 Seasons, & Integration 
Weekly Live classes & 1:1 support sessions


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Are you feeling the deep inner stirrings...
of the calling for greater fulfillment...
of a creative yearning yet to be named...
of a longing for the Truth of who you are...
of desire for a sensual & sexually alive life...
of a knowing that there must be something more...?

Take a moment to place one hand on your heart & your other on your womb. Breathe.
There is so much love & creative potential here for you to receive.

I used to be afraid of the creative power within me, confused & indecisive about what I wanted, longing for something profound & what felt like unnamable. I stumbled my way through the dark depths of my being until finding the light spark of Desire and being led forth into embodying my innate creativity.

Sister, allow me to walk beside you to guide & cheer you on as you reignite the passionate fires of creativity within your Divinely Feminine human experience.

Join me, Lindsey Curtis, in Courting Desire!

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Like the Triple Goddess, we'll journey through:
Maiden season of Sensual Explorations
Mother season of Divine Unity Within
Crone season of Sexual Activations
Each season builds upon the previous in supporting your reclamation & full Self integration. 


What the Journey is Made of 

This Journey is designed for You to realize what it is You are truly made of, Desire.
You'll discover & unfurl the energetics of Desire and how She uniquely moves through You throughout the seasons of Sensual Explorations, Dancing with Polarities to Unify, and Sexual Activations.

During the year journey we meet weekly as a group 
alternating between imagery & dreamwork 90 min classes and
shorter embodiment practice experiences
In addition You receive 18 1:1 private sessions
Plus surprise bonuses throughout  

"I feel autonomous in a way I didn't know was possible. Dare I say, like a Queen ready to create!"

Yes Beauty, Dare to Court your Deepest  Desires!



Not a Beginners Journey
This Journey is NOT for you if you are completely new to therapeutic transformation, dreamwork, shadow exploration, or feminine embodiment. 

That said, I do meet you exactly where you are moment to moment.
If you feel the call, then you are ready.

We go deep within this container.
If you are not willing to courageously look into your own depth to uncover
your power & truth, this is not the Journey for you. 

You already know; now it's time to Embody

This is not a quick fix, goal oriented course. There is no gold star given, and no  certification.

Listen within, is Courting Desire calling You?

This Journey is for You to uncover & reorient your Being to be led by the Truth of Desire.
You will embody deeper layers of surrender throughout this journey.
Your direct 'results' are between you & Desire. 

If you're ready to go into the deep, set up your call now.  


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