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Do you desire to consciously conceive?

Are you struggling with fertility?

Are you currently co-creating new life within you?

DreamBirth® is for the woman (and man) who is ready to take the responsibility that creating new life truly is. This very special therapeutic mentoring package is for the woman who desires to be supported throughout her initiation into motherhood, who is ready to transform her fears into joys & embrace the gift that it is to co-create life.  The journey into motherhood is a sacred & meaningful process that deserves to be celebrated & supported. The process of growing a baby deserves to be done in full consciousness & connectedness. You deserve support in giving life to life! And your baby desires your most fertile egg & creative womb!

Are you ready to become an active participant in your baby's incarnation? 


A certified practitioner in the profound techniques of DreamBirth®, created by Catherine Shainberg & a group of 7 midwives & doulas to address all that unfolds during the creation & birthing adventure, Lindsey absolutely LOVES to support women & their partners through the unique life experience of incarnation.


This therapeutic mentorship package is completely customized based upon where you are in your journey, and the level of support you desire.


Have you already dreamed with your children at night?

Are there fears &/or complications that you intuitively know must be addressed in a holistic way to include your mind, emotional, physical & spiritual bodies?


Are you ready to become a mother?

DreamBirth® is an experience of engaging your divine will as creator embodied, it is a journey of preparation & active participation in your familial transformation.


Gestation & Motherhood Preparation

Adjusting to Mothering & Family Integration

And more is given space to unfurl & blossom within your unique Transformational Program.

Programs facilitated in person & online. 

Contact today to discuss options for your specific needs & desires. 










DreamBirth® is a registered trademark by Catherine Shainberg & the School of Images

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