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Feminine Embodiment Yoga

Feel Your Feet on the Earth, She is Here for You

Lindsey Curtis, feminine yoga

Trained in the art of Sacred Female Embodiment Yoga, classes with Lindsey are one of a kind. Weaving together classical Yoga with a feminine twist, sensual spirals & succulent undulations with Tantric breath & sounding, energy awareness & conscious movement, dreaming & inner guided visual journeys, this practice is unique in its synthesis of traditions & multidimensional realities.


An avid yogini since 2009, Lindsey practiced yin, vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga, hot yoga and Hatha (all male lineages), until finally stumbling upon Feminine Embodiment Yoga & Dèvashi Shakti in 2016. Immediately Lindsey's yogic experience was revolutionized & she completed a 200hr training with Dèvashi. 

Check out Her Return podcast episode #2 to hear Lindsey & Dévashi speak about feminine embodiment yoga. 


Female Yoga was traditionally shunned upon, as yoga was reserved for male practitioners, resulting in the grand traditions that we are all so aware of lacking in facilitating deep feminine embodiment. To be in a female body necessitates a different energy than life in a male body, for the most obvious reason of giving birth, & the most spectacular reasons of multiple full body orgasmic experiences. Female Yoga takes all of this into account and facilitates a whole new way of being.


Through somatic instruction, You are guided with simple language to inhabit your body at maximum awareness & connection.


By following each inhalation & feeling what is within & allowing that feeling to be expressed through your mouth with a sigh or sound, you develop greater authenticity & free self expression.


Being present to your internal images & sensations rather than concerned about how the posture 'should look' or 'should feel' allows you to truly experience & treasure your autonomy & grows all of your intuitive guiding muscles at the same time. 



"I feel like I just made love to myself through this class. Wow!"

"It's as if a portal opens up and I get to meet parts of myself I didn't know existed."


"Relaxing and activating all at the same time. An experience to be lived and practiced again and again. Thank you, I'll continue to be back for more!"

"Lindsey's Feminine Embodiment Yoga practice is a unique experience, in all the yoga classes I have tested, and it's become a practice I need outside my regular Hatha Yoga class. It allows me to keep up the work on body and soul. It is such a great feeling after the class and in the long run."


Regular practice results in increased :

  • body awareness & confidence 

  • sexual aliveness

  • Soul connection

  • fertility

  • creativity

  • intuition

  • peace of mind & expression of heart

  • clearer emotional processing

  • greater receptivity & magnetism

  • physical, mental & emotional strength

  • muscular tone 


Classes are 60, 75 or 90 minutes and are taught as a series, weekly group classes, & privately. Private classes are individual or with your lady friends. Private one-to-one classes are tailored to be in alignment with your moon (menstruation/fertility) cycle in order to maximize your energy & healing benefits.


For more information :  curtis.n.lindsey @ gmail. com

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