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Hunt, Gather, Mother
Monthly Class 2023

What of your Mothering is guided by your innate wisdom, and what is being repeated from conditioning & past experiences? 

The Mother that we desire to be is often not the Mother we are available to be. Unavailable because of the strains of lacking community support, feeling isolated in our desired choices of parenting another way, or due to our own trauma and pain patterning replaying itself through us. It can be frustrating and disheartening to feel the gap between how we are showing up and how we desire to be. Luckily that very frustration can be used to fuel the pathway we so desire to walk! , the 

Be the Mother of your dreams!

Inspired by the book Hunt, Gather, Parent, this container has been curated to support you in becoming the Mother of your dreams. The compassionate calm mother. The available and patient mother. The mother with firm boundaries who is taken seriously when she says No. The mother who is at ease and the anchor through the storms of her children's emotions.The mother who raises helpful children. The mother who is part of a rich network of other inspiring people. The mother who is also a full woman and knows herself as so and more.

Through deconstructing the ideas, belief systems & societal conditioning around mothering, we begin to discover who it is we really are, and what our creative power can be used for. 

What is Hunt, Gather, Mother?

This is a monthly class via Zoom, on a Thursday morning at 10h-11h30CET. Using Hunt, Gather, Parent by Michaeleen Doucleff as reading support, we go through the chapters with our conscious minds to prepare for class, and during our time together plunge into the subconscious to discover what is resonating.

Through the use of imaginal exercises what was once subconsciously directing our efforts, now becomes a conscious choice - and a new way to engage with Mothering unfurls. We directly apply knowledge into practice within our classes, through imagery, role play, and embodiment. Part therapeutic, part communal play, each class is directed first and foremost by the necessity of the moment. 

During our meetings we also engage in practices that nourish, heal & integrate our own inner child & life experiences, leading to greater emotional intelligence and refinement of our ability to mother our kids.




  • 1 monthly 90min class

  • Exercises & practical tips + tricks

  • group community support between classes

  • Bonus embodiment practices to support the anchoring

Are you ready?


One Thursday a month at 10h-11h30CET

If you desire to speak with Lindsey first, set up a call below.

OR scroll down & Email to Enroll!

Claim your Mothering Power



I'm Lindsey Curtis

I'm a Mama living immersed in mystical experiences of ancient dreaming wisdom & the embodiment of Her one breath at a time. I specialize in supporting women to experience richness & vitality in their emotional & sexual lives. A certified Saphire Imagery practitioner and female embodiment mentor, I have a decade of experience guiding women in mothering themselves into experiencing their own wholeness.

Between supporting 1:1 clients, giving courses, hosting my podcast, and running around with my 2 year old son, Izaya, I enjoy spending time with our bee hives and reveling in my own body's mysteries.


I'm honored to offer you this space to explore mothering in a new & ancient way.

Benefits Received from our classes together:

  • Feeling confident and courageous in Mothering

  • Nervous System Regulation - feeling grounded & calm

  • Inner child healing & integration 

  • Renewed sense of creativity

  • And more...


"Lindsey has a gift with Mothering. Being around her inspires me to question my own mothering, not with self-criticism, but with a lightness and self-compassion." - Alejandra


Monthly meetings are experiential, like all of Lindsey's offerings. Through imagery exerciseswe clear false belief systems, express stagnant emotions, increase our capacities to self-regulate and be the calm compassionate mother we know we can be. Through the support of embodiment practices and the book Hunt, Gather, Parent, we practice new ways of addressing repeating patterns of disconnect in our mother experiences. Our work together sparks inspiration & creativity, all of which is celebrated & told in our whatsapp group between sessions - supporting the momentum and engagement of our own efforts. 


"I hold within me an incredible power."

Come join us! 

Enrollment is complete upon payment to BE59 9733 6432 1526. 


Commit one month at a time = 70 Euros


Commit for 6 months = 300 Euros 



Schedule a free intro call or email directly to enroll

"Lindsey's skillful work with imagery brought me

into contact with aspects of myself/inner life

like no other technique had so far. " 


Answers to Your Most Asked Questions

What is the cost?  One month commitment is 70 Euros. Committing 6 months at a time is 300 Euros paid upfront. Invoicing is available for self-employed/business owners.

Are classes recorded? Yes, though you are strongly encouraged to attend the live class for direct feedback, guidance & community interaction. Classes are available for 30 days.

Are the practices I'll have to do?  Nothing is obligatory, while the more attention & practice you put in on your own time will only expand & support you. Practices are between 3-10 minutes minimum, and can be expanded depending on your availability each time. It's recommended that you make space to practice an exercise 2-3 times per week.

Can I just have private sessions and skip the group classes?  The benefits of a group course is that there is a common theme, Mothering, that we are exploring & personal insights are often revealed while witnessing & listening to another's expression. Though if you desire private 1:1 support only, contact Lindsey to discuss options.

I am a busy working mother, will I benefit if I don't read the book on my own? YES. The book is an aid, and the class goes far beyond it. Gifting yourself the devoted time for our group calls will bring you into greater contact with your ability to navigate all that is on your plate. 

Is this for mothers of a certain age group of children? No. What we are exploring can be generalized and specified depending on your children's ages, temperaments, personalities and your life experience in raising them. All are welcome.

Though I feel it resonates I haven't met Lindsey. Can we speak? Absolutely Yes. Scroll down and schedule a free 20 minute discovery session & Lindsey is happy to meet you online or over the phone.  

Next class is August2023

Set up a call or email below to enroll.

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