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Powerful, Inspirational, Transformational Books

Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming

The essential introduction to Dreaming and Imagery of the heart by Catherine Shainberg.

Pussy A Reclamation

Regena Thomashauer guides us into a reclamation of Pussy. This book is a fundamental read for all the women whom I work with, and all women of the world. 

Urban Shaman

Serge Kahili King presents shamanic techniques in a way to awaken all our natural capacities to heal and dream. 

The Mastery of Love

The Toltec guide to being love by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Plant Spirit Medicine

Eliot Cowan reminds us of the innate healing properties of every plant on our dear Earth and how to reconnect with these spirits. 

Eastern Body, Western Mind

A fantastic compilation of western psychology and eastern wisdom, this read will give you a comprehensive understanding of our human psychological development and how it relates to and forms our chakra system. Be able to spot personal imbalances and begin to see the forms that others take due to their life experiences. Anodea Judith, thank you for this beautiful book! 

Awakening Shakti

Sally Kempton gives us a guide to dreaming & embodying the goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. A must read for every woman ready for awakening & integrating her Shakti power. 

Courageous Dreaming

Wake up out  of your personal nightmare and take responsibility of your power, begin to dream your world into being. Bringing in the Earthkeepers visions of the four levels of consciousness, Alberto Villoldo weaves this book in a way to awaken. 

Interview With a Psychic Assasin

Inelia Benz does it again! With this novel Inelia enlightens us on many of the collusions occurring in our world, while keeping us captivated in an unfolding drama ending with... A must read if you are wanting an exciting novel that will challenge your beliefs and fill you with insights. 

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