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Her Return : 4 day Women's Experience

Beautiful Sister,

It is time to Return. 

I invite you on a 4 day adventure upon a sacred land to reconnect & return to your essence & truth. I invite you to return to the Goddess within, to return to your power, & return to You. 


We are creating the space & time to deprogram the patriarchal codes that inhibit you from the fullness of your Divine Feminine Embodiment. You are the Divine Feminine, here on Earth, & it is time to return to that truth. 

Arriving to the land our journey begins on Thursday afternoon & is spaciously filled with transformational goodness until Sunday evening. Our work together goes deep, spanning many lifetimes & incarnations- we are here to become clear, returning home to our temple bodies. 

What would it take to give your Self the opportunity to shine your brilliance within your life & upon the world?

What would it take to know deeply within every cell of your body that you are completely worth everything that you desire?

What would it take to receive the fullness that you are, the fullness of your radiance, & the fullness of your embodied feminine desire?

In an intimate group of women you are given the opportunity to return to your authenticity, release the patterns & programs that no longer serve you, and fully embrace your Self as the Divine Feminine Embodied. 

Beginning upon arrival on Thursday afternoon, the time & space outside of our practices is reserved to be in silence. The invitation is to fully immerse yourself in your Self, taking a break from socializing with the outer world to return within. 

With an opening intention setting ritual & circle spaces each day, there is ample space for expression. To receive to the maximum, it is recommended to be internet free as well, though this is your choice. 

Together we are adventuring within the inner & outer realms, via imagery & dreamwork, breath work, and embodiment practices. We are addressing imbalances within the spiritual, mental, emotional & physical bodies. As a collective, we are returning to our wholeness & holiness. 


Thursday - arrival & settling in. 

17h Ritual & Feminine Meditation

18h30h Dinner

Friday & Saturday & Sunday 

7h30-9h Feminine Embodiment Practices

9h Breakfast

11h-13h Morning Imagery & Dreamwork

13h Lunch 

15h-17h30 Afternoon Ritual & Earth Connection

18h30 Dinner

20h30-21h30 Evening Meditation

This experience is for the courageous woman, ready to return home - to Her Self. 


A beautiful, quiet retreat center in Hellenthal, Germany.


Surrounded by nature & nourished with bird song, the land on which the center is on has a number of high vibrational energy points that we will be connecting to in our afternoon sessions.


An ancient temple space with holy waters flowing underground, it is the land that is truly inviting us to return. 

Her Return: 4 Day Women's Experience Investment

4 day Return- 470 EUR

Accommodation investment booked separately. 

Shared & Private Rooms Available, + 3 meals per day included

Full details disclosed upon application.

Saying Yes

To begin your return, schedule a call with Lindsey & complete your application.

Upon confirmation of your attendance, 200 EUR non-refundable deposit is due.


This is an intimate retreat,  & will fill up. Book early & ensure your space. 

Your guide & facilitator

Lindsey Curtis specializes in women's emotional & sexual vitality & enrichment. Since 2013 she has been an initiate into ancient lineages of imagery & dreamwork for healing & well-being. Steeped in the feminine arts, Lindsey is passionate about empowering women in reclaiming their radiance through embodying the fullness of their Soul. If you'd like to hear more about Lindsey's Story, click here




Schedule your complimentary call with Lindsey to receive greater details & answers to your questions.

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