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Testimonials of Women

with True Dreams,
having Transformational Experiences

Lindsey Curtis, dreaming
Claudia Kaiser, metabolance

Claudia Concha Kaiser

"I highly recommend Lindsey and her work to all women wanting to reconnect and step more into their innate Feminine power. I have found that Lindsey’s mere presence invites me into expansion, stillness and spaciousness – which still feels scary sometimes, but is so nourishing and contagious once I dare to relax into it. To me she is a role model of a woman who inhabits both, her Divine Feminine in the form of her innermost desires, feelings and values, and her evolved Masculine, which allows her to be aware of, translate, express, follow and manifest those desires into a passionate purpose. Her course Sensual Explorations has helped me (and will continue to help me) connect even more to what’s going on for me on the inside and open me to the subtleties of my sensations through simple, yet powerful breathing, sounding, dancing, yoga and imagery exercises. The quote that has most stuck with me from the first round is: “The goal is not pleasure, the goal is authenticity”. Simply being present to whatever is there in a given moment, without a need to change it or get anywhere else is probably one of the most powerful lessons we can ever come to learn. This course is a wonderful opportunity to practice this in the body to then let it spill over into the rest of Life. If all of this speaks to you, get in touch with her."

"My experience with Lindsey, whether it is dreaming, imagery work, meditation, healing, or sitting in a women circle, is very empowering and transformative for me. Lindsey manages to guide me within my inner territory in order to unfold layers of myself, which usually remain remote. Each time we work together, we manage to peal off a bit more of the layers that prevent me from accessing a greater stage of consciousness and a better connection with my soul and body. Through her gentle voice and stable presence, Lindsey acts as a great guide to transform and shift what needs to be healed. She holds the space in a very soothing way. I recommend her to anyone looking to discover and explore conscious transformation and healing. Thank you Lindsey for bringing your wisdom into my life and for allowing me to arouse the healing power within me."

Paris, France

"The most profound knowing that I take away from my 90-day transformation program, is that no matter what kind, a life change can be ignited and put into motion completely by myself alone, not involving others, doing it only from within me. Such a change that has been triggered by a shift and new and healed understanding within me, is completely effortless, natural, unfolding under my eyes almost as a miracle. Making me wonder that if things are so easy now, what on earth made them so challenging before?! I know that a lot of stagnant energies have been released and redirected to be used to fulfill what is my heart's desire. Often the actual work and exercises didn't seem to have a direct connection with the intentions that I had set at the beginning of the program, but that's where the magic and the beauty of imagery and dreaming lies. In trusting completely the process, knowing that what the dreaming, life, and interactions around me bring up, is exactly the thing that needs to be addressed. The work with Lindsey took me on a deep journey within myself. A lot of the things coming up to be transformed were not a surprise, others caught me completely off guard with their intensity and importance. During the process the picture of me and my life experience separated into puzzle pieces and got rearranged in a way that made me see it in a whole new light, with new eyes. The view and connections between events and aspects being so much clearer and free of what was not needed anymore. In doing the work I witnessed that in addition to moving closer to my heart's greatest dream, I also received everything Lindsey promises in the description of her transformation program - greater presence and awareness, more love and ultimately, simply more joy! At the end of my program I know from my own experience that my life and the realisation of my heart's dream is in my very own hands: I can make my present and future, and I have the power to actually change the past too." Annonymous, Brussels, Belgium

Lindsey Curtis, transformation

"When I met Lindsey, I was suffering in, and struggling with, my female body. I'd been suffering through incredibly painful menstruations, and my husband and I had had two miscarriages, and were struggling to release the sorrow from these losses, and conceive again.

Without knowing the details of my situation, but hearing my need for healing, Lindsey offered herself in the form of a womb activation. After working with her and practicing the meditation she gave me for just one cycle, I feel subtle yet profound shifts in both my physical and mental space; I feel softer, a deeper connection to my creativity, emotionally fuller, and expansive.

Lindsey helped me discover my own power and potential for self healing. When my next menstruation came, it came with ease, less pain, and more joy. I realize that my feelings about being a woman have also shifted. I'm now feeling blessed and inspired by my cyclical and creative nature.

I don't know if I've expressed my gratitude, or even how to, perhaps...but thank you Lindsey. Truly. From the bottom of my heart."


Brussels, Belgium

"Working with Lindsey helps me in discovering new aspects and dimensions of myself and my spirituality. Through her work and presence I am able to explore my feelings, femininity and the wide world of my dreams. In other words, with her support I dig more into myself in order to seek inner peace and self love. From softness to firmness she is able to guide me and help me in understanding my emotions. She has taught me the essential, how to be fully present through meditation and practice. A big door is now open, thank you!"


Montreal, Canada

Lindsey Curtis, dreaming

"Magnifique expérience, je la recommande ! Pour se découvrir soi-même, partager avec d'autres, expérimenter les sensations et apprendre à se respecter, à apprécier les beautés de la vie, la vie elle-même.

Merci Lindsey, pour cette expérience toute en simplicité, en amour et en bienveillance !"


Brussels, Belgium

"Changing focus changes perspective. What is sensuality was the first guiding question we asked and probably also the first one to take me on a change of focus, leading me eventually to a change in perspective. Following this path brought me closer to my very own and personal source of renewable energy and brought me a sense of serenity, which then allowed me to focus on feeling. The beneficial effects of the practice are more present than I would have guessed or hopes for when I signed up. My sense of trust and confidence are powered by this inner renewable energy source and I find the flow of life to be more enjoyable..." 

Anonymous, Brussels, Belgium

feminine yoga, LindseyCurtis

"Having explored dreaming with Lindsey for a number of years now I constantly find myself growing and gaining comfort with my Being. Recently I felt compelled to partake in a womb activation with her, having battled with my feminine side for years. The peace and connection I now have with my divine femininity is truly an abundant gift. I wish to thank Lindsey and look forward to working further with her in my future on this path of discovery and growth."


Sydney, Australia

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