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City Tram Rides

On a cloudy Sunday in Brussels I am heading to a friend’s house when the urge grips me to take the tram. Without rain around I am resistant, and after a second of feeling within I happily give in to my intuitive hunch. Sitting on the train a sweet presence of 88years sits next to me and shows me why I was called to the tram.

“I’m 88 very soon. I’ve been married and my wife passed years ago. The marriage was a difficult one. Marriage is difficult. Are you married?”

“Me? Oh no, no.” I say with a frighten shudder at the concept of marriage.

He laughs sensing my reaction. “Better off that way. The world is evolving very quickly any who, relationships won’t be as they are for much longer. Besides, I live two lives. One was my wife and family and societal friends. Then there is my other life.”

My ears peak up and my head tilts to the right. “Oui…”

“Do you understand physics? I can tell you about the accident if you’ll get it.”

“Yes, yes physics speaks to me clearly.” Realizing he is setting up for a discourse, I feel my heart center open wide and energy start flowing between us at an accelerated rate.

“We are living in the time of the accident. It’s this Big Bang concept, it was actually an accident like they think. It was the accident that created materialization!”

~Conversation originally in French, roughly translated~

He continues to explain that before the big bang existence was as it’s always been, with many expressions of the one creator. And, just like a traffic jam, there was disorganization the created the big bang, resulting in materialization. The disorganization was caused by an energetic sphere tilting on its axis, wherein it then changed shape and was no longer a sphere and boom. Material.

It wasn’t necessarily planned, but when it happened it changed everything and set into motion the process of reorganization. The time, at this moment, of reorganization is almost complete. When all is reorganized Earth will no longer be as she is at this time. As there are holographic realities, some may never know the difference. For the ones that are evolving, the ones that are doing their work and awakening, many of us will go back to where we’ve come from and few will remain on Earth. As all is organized, dematerialization will occur.

With reorganization masculine and feminine energies will be completely balanced. This results in the end of sexuality. We no longer will be searching in the other for our complimentary and our relationships will evolve to be all based upon amicability for the joy of relating.

“I’ve lived this life to help in the reorganization. Just as you are. This is a direct communication from the creator, an orchestrated congratulations and encouragement to continue on forth. The work is not done just yet. And it is all complete at the same time. Be calm as your perceptions change and evolve. Lots is to happen!”

We part ways, at Avenue Louise. We acknowledge the magic that is and continue on our paths.

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