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How To Awaken the Dreamer

Before getting to the juice I must clarify, it is all a dream. This waking experience is a layer of the dream, meditation allows the experience of another layer, and our nighttime dreams are yet another layer, while all are aspects of the same dream. The nighttime visions and daytime activities are but two aspects of the same reality.

Have you ever gone through a time of big changes- a move, breakup, project creation or other life transition- and then woken up in the middle of the night with a nightmare? The most dreaded of dreams that one, and arguably the most powerful of all. A nightmare is a series of images, popping up from our subconscious demanding to be addressed, showing us what must be acknowledged before we may fully move forward in our waking/daytime activities.

Our nighttime dreams are codependent upon our daytime dreaming. As dreamers we have the innate ability to interact with our dreams, to dialogue and attend to the necessity of the images.

As we realize we are dreaming at all times, we are able to assume and accept our responsibility to use our delicious gift of free will in choosing a new dreaming experience. Too much too soon? Ok, ok, lets get to the juice…

How may we be awake throughout our nighttime dreaming? It is easy and it’s difficult; it is simple yet complex; it happens in an instant yet takes time to practice. I have always been a dreamer, recalling and interacting with my nighttime dreams throughout life. Using and applying various techniques from endless sources, I now practice simply. Herein I offer to you that simplicity. Remember, we must put in the effort to try and try again.

1. Remember Your Dreams

This may seem redundant, but if we do not remember our night dreams then we will never know if we are awake within them. The most effective way to remember our dreams is to begin writing them down; in this case first thing in the morning and/or middle of the night if roused. Get a notebook and a writing utensil to keep next to the bed, and date a fresh page just before turning off the light.

Whether it is a color, word or sensation, whatever is recalled upon waking -> write it down. Like this we are re-activating our dreaming, giving attention to that which may have been discarded, and our night dreams will begin talking to us again soon. Stay with it, there is treasure to be uncovered!

2. Intention

As co-creators our intention is gold and now is the moment to mine it. Before going to sleep tonight, intend to be awake in your dreams. Say it aloud and write it down in your notebook. Then, let it go and slip into the night. Continue and repeat.

3. Recognize the Advances

As we are keeping track of our dreams, it is essential to notice the occurrences of recalling waking life facts & events within the dream. An example: it is my partner’s birthday next week and I have a dream in which I remember that I must create something for his birthday. This is a great sign, an awareness overlap, and is an advance toward being more awake within night dreaming.

Through acknowledging and celebrating the small advances we strengthen our internal motivation and trust in the unfolding of our dreaming. With dedication and practice, may we all be awake within our night dreams and dreaming more vibrantly while awake.

Sweet dreams!

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