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The Time I was a Witch

We are sitting in ceremonial circle, setting our intentions. The moon is full & her white light is scattered throughout the space we are co-creating. I've already made a laundry list of intentions; it's going to be a long journey. I voice my main one- that of working on trusting life & myself, as well as to receive that which I'm ready to receive.

Ceremony begins & again I am joined by Grandmother. As we greet one another I feel her coursing through my body, cleansing & healing me with her spirit's presence. She brings me down a pathway of many fears, void of stories & images I am tuned into the subtle feelings within. The subtle tensions that are releasing in my physical, the silence within my mental, & the spaciousness that I am gaining emotionally & spiritual.

Suddenly I arrive in a scene of fire.

It's quite a shock, with cadmium red & raw tumeric flames all around I feel as if I'm in hell. Yet I realize it's worse, I'm a witch being burned. I've lost all confidence, trust, & faith. Through intention I rewind the timeline a bit.

I see the events leading up to this moment, see the loving sensual connection with Mother Earth, the innate guidance & connection with the natural elements, the accusations & heresy, distance from the community, traumas... the death of a woman who gave up self-confidence & trust in humanity, and lost faith in Mother Earth & the guidances that seemed so clear. In death all these belief systems are solidified & fixed throughout space & time.

As witness to the horrific events, I resolve that I can let this go. Just before the stake, I go to her, this other me, & together we cut away all the negative connections that have her stuck in time space with these beliefs. As all cords drift away and the scene dissolves, we are there alone & I tell her that she's free. "Finally!" she exclaims & jumps into the violet flame.

What a transformation! From burning alive to burning into life, the sense of freedom expands out.

I'm alone in the void and I feel all my cells realign with a new light, & my beliefs updated. I'm resting & sinking into the latest realizations; Grandmother waits until I completely surrender to take me onward in the journey of love...

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