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Womb Wisdom Wednesday : Embody

Dear Beautiful One,

What does it mean to embody?

I speak & write about embodiment often. While traveling recently a male friend asked me what it is, & I had an ah-ha moment. I love definitions & whenever I define a word I come into greater understanding & embodiment of the concept, transforming knowledge into wisdom.


Embody. (verb)

Breaking it down with the help of my friend New Oxford American Dictionary….

Em- (the prefix ‘en-‘ though if it’s before a b,p, it becomes ‘em-‘) meaning entry into a specific state of location; conversion into a specific state


Body- giving material form to something abstract


Embody- be an expression of & give material form to… provide (a spirit) with a physical form


When I use the magic word, I’m referring to anchoring into my/your Body my/your fullest Self, Spirit, Soul; to bring all that radiance & goodness, love, light & majesty that we are & bring it fully into form. Also, to fully embody whatever it is that I/you desire to be living & experiencing, for only when it is fully in the cellular experience does it then reflect in material form.

To embody is the reason we are here on Earth, to be in physical form as spirit having a material experience. We’ve chosen to incarnate & it is our very sacred responsibility to follow what we love, remember why we are here, & enjoy every aspect of form.


If that’s the name of the game, why is it that we are Not embodied already?


I spent the first 24 years of my life outside of my body. The womb that I chose to come through was a fear restricted place, my birth was an emergency operation, the arms that held me were dissociated from my innocence. And life went on with its myriad of experiences that seemed too unsafe to handle. It wasn’t until I chose to become an adult & do the only work that we’re here to do, that I began to unfold the necessary experience of embodiment.

We have all been born into unique circumstances, set up by the Grand Design to give us the best opportunities for growth & transformation, the development of Love & Compassion, & the development of our creative capacities.

[It is a natural survival mechanism to dissociate, to leave the body subconsciously (or consciously) when something of a high emotional/energetic charge occurs. This is natural, and we've all experienced it. The work is to then re-enter into bod]

When I began to explore & dedicate myself to my spiritual health & wellbeing, I first went the masculine way. I meditated profusely, I journeyed outside of myself, I philosophized, I ascended to higher realms & hung out for hours beyond all time. Yet, I wasn’t truly addressing the pains in my bodily experience, I wasn’t actually in my body at all- I was watching my whole life from way up above.

All of that changed when I began to incorporate the Feminine ways of dreaming & embodiment. I practiced & trained in transforming my emotions & making space within my body. I’ve gotten intimate with all my crevices & welcomed all of my light into form.


We need to Embody in order to Ascend.


Our dear Human family has been under Patriarchy for too long. In our spiritual development, Patriarchy prescribes ascension, to raise higher & higher & stay there. Long ago prior to the Patriarchy we were in a time of Matriarchy, where it was only about the Body, and going down deeper & deeper.

We are currently in a time where the Two become One. It is our duty to unify our inner Feminine & Masculine forces & we reap the benefits of both systems. To embody heaven on Earth.

Embodiment is about the decent; it’s about bringing into form all of the insights, inspirations, intuitions into Life. It’s about cleaning out the crevices of the stored emotions/traumas/uncomfortabilities that are stored in the body in order to make space & welcome in all the radiance that we truly are.


Tomorrow::: Sensual Awakening Online begins!


Friday is::: Urban Retreat: Womb Wisdom Awakening (partial attendance is now possible).

Come along & let’s be embodied together.


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