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Get Intimate with Desire

How intimate are you with your desires?

Do you give them space to grow, birth & flourish?

Or do you shut them down in disbelief, doubt & unworthiness?

Let Your Desire Transform You, Lindsey Curtis

That which we give our attention to grows & expands in great magnitude. How we relate to our desires is demonstrative to how we relate to life itself. The attention we give to our desire is the amount of fuel we invest in its manifestation.

As I welcome & honor my desires, from great to small, my capacity to live expands. My energy, my vital force, increases, & suddenly I am more able to manifest said desires with greater ease.

To create we must fall into the velvety darkness & then feel the winds of desire.

Life is easiest & most graceful as I surrender to the winds upon my back & allow them to propel me forward.

When stuck in our mental body, we can’t feel the winds of desire, or look into the yearnings of our heart, for too much energy is spiraling in the mind.

So, how do you get back to attuning to your desires?



Descending from the cave or abyss of my mind & anchoring down into my body is a part of my daily practice. Barefoot feet on the Earth & breathing with trees, Feminine Yoga & dancing with ease. Cooking a slow cooked meal & reducing any caffeine intake. Reaching for my yoga mat at the end of the day instead (or at least before) a glass of wine... All assist me in getting In. Do you know what it is for you?



Now here is where I’ll sit & breathe & expand my heart in all directions. I’ll sound & cry & express all that I’ve been neglecting. I’ll clear & clean, and rest into love. I rest into love until all else melts away. Once I get there, then I’m ready to descend into the velvety darkness of my womb & receive.

It's important to note that every day is different, every breathe unique. Sometimes it may take much longer to descend from the mind, other times it may seem impossible. It is an absolute necessity that you persist, dedicate & devote to your heart connection. If you have no idea what I'm even talking about, and/or you are ready to get deeper into that connection, let's chat about working together.



As I descend all of my awareness down, deeper & deeper into my body & arrive into my womb as a place of inhabiting, a place of resting, integrating & viewing my life from, I am ready for a shift in consciousness. I am ready to be gifted with my return to sanity again.

What happens inside of my womb is a great mystery, and each time I connect I come into greater reverence of all of existence. I am returned to innocence as I walk with my inner senses attuned to that which is real within.

We are not linear beings, life doesn't always go from 1-3, and all three steps are completely necessary for the fullest truth to be revealed. We have layers upon layers within our existence, and to connect our three intelligences is the surest way to rest into the deep depths of our desires.


How attuned are you to the workings of your desires? And how often are you connecting in?

I’m interested to hear.

With love & infinite blessing,


Lindsey Curtis

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