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Write Your Reality

Hello Beautiful One,

Let’s talk about Reality Writing!

One of my favorite practices for the whole of my life- Writing & Re-Writing my Reality.

Different to journaling, Reality Writing is going beyond your current state of Being & writing down all that you desire to be Being, Doing & Having, in present tense. Allowing all the sensations & feelings to awaken & anchor into your body as you do so.

EX: I am so excited & grateful to be playing gracefully with my loved ones in the sunshine. I am peaceful & walk through my days joyfully embracing each being that I meet. I am happily living in a supportive, ecological community, surrounded by nature & pure source water. I am living in full alignment with my Soul & daily am blessed with being in service to love…. etc. While feeling all the feels!

Have you heard of the practice? Have you done it?

I’ve been using this in a very specific way this last year, & its fruits have been immeasurable. I urge you to start, now!

The main aspects of importance of Reality Writing are ::: Frequency & Presence.

As all practices, Reality Writing works best when practiced regularly, at least a few times per week. Especially as a beginner, I recommend diving in & dedicating 10 minutes per day.

I go through waves- months of every day engagement & then I take a pause to see it’s benefits & then I re-begin. I’m actually at that moment- recommencing after about a cycle’s pause.

Choose a frequency you can imagine sticking to, & begin! Nothing in life is created without action, so get acting ;)

And now, Presence.

Mmm yes, how present can you be while writing the script for your future reality & anchoring it into the now through sensation & feeling?

Your amount of Presence determines your efficacy in all endeavors, & especially in Reality Writing.

When I write I stay completely present to what thoughts & emotions creep in, what voices of doubt or fear arise, what limiting belief tries to hold me back & small. In that present state I pause & do an imagery exercise to clear it out, or simply imagine sweeping all the disturbances out of my field to the left. This is where the real work is done, creating more space to anchor into the new reality.

Try it out dear one! & Tell me all about it :)

Start easy & choose one or two things that you truly desire to create & be experiencing in your life. Engage everyday until confirmations start popping up in your reality & your clarity is so precise that your experience & world shifts to match your inner alignment. Then continue & repeat!

May this practice nourish your reality with greater love, light & freedom than ever before.

Looking forward to seeing our realities meet very soon!

xxoo Lindsey

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