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Episode #10: Keri Krieger

In this episode Lindsey speaks with Keri Krieger. Keri uses ancient wisdom for modern women; supporting the return home to self through her unique blend of Chinese medicine meets magical thinking. Drawing upon her almost 20 years of experience in guiding women on an embodied pathway from breakdown to breakthrough, there is plenty of goodness to draw upon in this conversation!

Have a listen to receive greater insight into:

  • The healthy expressions of stress & adrenaline, versus the buildup of living on adrenaline for years on end & the impact on body, mind, & Soul.

  • A sunflower isn't in full bloom all year round, & Keri reminds us here that we needn't push ourselves to pretend we can be too.

  • How we need to DO something differently to create a different way of BEING.

  • How it is ultimate love to know where your edges are.

  • What the intimate link between Kidney Water Element & Heart Fire Element tells us about the necessity of yin & softness for fueling our fire.


Connect with Keri on Instagram @kerikrieger

& check out her 21 day course- Boundaried, on the web at



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May this episode be inspiration on your journey of returning Home to your Self. xxoo Lindsey


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