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Episode #35 Privilege, Dissolve the Shame & Use It

Today's episode is an invitation to get real about the privileges that you experience in your unique human being experience, and how to step into Alignment with the gifts that your privilege brings.

What privileges do you have in your life?

And what emotions are you carrying around those privileges?

Now that they’re named, get to work clearing them. Too often I see women subconsciously or consciously blocking themselves creatively due to shame around one of their privileges.

Emotional residues only muddle the waters of creative Desire, and we need your Soul Desires to come alive today!

Any shame around what you are privileged with is only inhibiting you from actually using your privilege for good & beauty.

Have a listen to today's episode for more inspiration.


Join my FaceBook group, Her Return to Love, for practical tools in dissolving your shame today.



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May this episode be inspiration on your journey of returning Home to your Self. xxoo Lindsey


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