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Episode #38: Katherine Zorensky & Female Realization

I got to sit down with Katherine Zorensky, creatress of Tech of Love, for this unifying conversation. As an internationally recognized Womb Shaman and Doula, Katherine has been guiding hundreds of women and men into soul embodiment through classical tantra and western shadow work for almost 2 decades.

Her work is derived from her direct experience of sexuality and birthing, study in traditional tantric lineage with masters, in-depth immersion in western shadow work, and guiding hundreds of people over the last two decade into their body’s wisdom, power, and love.

Together we go deep into the spiral of female realization through the feminine body. From birth, transitioning from trauma to initiation, to meeting transcendence through form, here is a convo your feminine essence will enjoy!

Listen to receive on:

  • Accessing the transcendent through the physical portals

  • The relational pathway to Source

  • Tuning fork of Truth

  • Cultivating deeper Intimacy


Connect with Katherine and her Venus Portal Course here.


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May you return home to your Self today! in love & gratitude, Lindsey


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