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Feminine & Masculine

Yin & Yang. Water & Fire. Passive & Active. Receptive & Giving.

Our Earthly existence is polar, there's a North & South to prove it. We each have polarity points within us, these opposing forces that yearn to be met with, to be integrated & merged & separated again.

Within each of us is an inner Feminine & Masculine. This is beyond gender or sex, actually it's the deepest of within. Whether we have a Feminine Essence, or a Masculine Essence, we each have the two forces circulating within, calling us into the fullness of our Being.

It is our responsibility to bring these two forces into harmony & union as a regular practice. It is our necessity to cultivate the sacred inner marriage.


Which energy are you most operating from?


Unifying Feminine & Masculine

Thanks to patriarchy we've been living in a hyper-masculinized world for too long. Men & women everywhere have been conditioned to be fearful of the feminine & her deep dark mysteries.

We have suffered centuries of abuse against the feminine, & our dear Mother Earth's current bill of health is the evidence of that. Her waters are filled with plastic & debris, just as our inner emotional waters are clogged up with gunk.

It is our ability to respond to the necessities within, that will transform the outer world. Clearing up the internalized misogyny, dissolving the frozen or petrified emotions, & coming into deeper harmony with all aspects of our feminine & masculine within are daily acts for us to engage in.

Do you have the tenacity, the courage & the devotion to Love that it takes to come into union within?

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