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Episode #11 Sex is my Religion

There's something I must admit, Sex is my religion.

This week's episode has me claiming my deepest truth. As a Scorpio womxn with Venus in Scorpio, and other astrological placements that all align up to say it is literally in my stars. Sexuality & sensuality have played & do play the biggest parts in my spiritually human experiences & development. I'll go more into that another time... For now I'll set the stage.

Sex has the ability to connect us to our deepest truths & the grandest of mysteries, if we choose to truly open up & receive.

Have a listen as I reveal:

  • How I define sex

  • How the messages we receive about sexuality stay with us until we clear them

  • How our sexual sensual potential is limitless & it's up to us to be courageous & open up

  • How sexual awakening is like all awakening- messy & playful, shocking & liberating, terrifying & fun



May you return home to your Self today!

in love & gratitude,



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