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Episode #14 Nonnegotiable Self-Love

Lindsey invites you to get clear on what nonnegotiable Self-Love practices are the most supportive to be weaved into 2020, for this new year & new decade. She gives a few examples of her personal nonnegotiables, including weekly breast massages and monthly sauna sweats. 

Setting at least one nonnegotiable self-love practice for 2020 will give a deep sense of self commitment, develop greater self-respect, value & worth, and increase one's ability to trust in fulfillment of desires.

If you're new to setting a regular practice, then start with a small achievable commitment and work up from there. Even 10 minutes per week, on a regular weekly rhythmic basis will begin to fill the inner well & give results through experience, which then fuels the desire to continue & even increase.

To dive deeper into this new decade with a powerful imagery workshop to get in alignment with your radiance & Soul desires, join Lindsey for her annual New Year event - either online January 10th 2020, or in person in Brussels on January 11, 2020. Contact for details.

Enjoy today's episode & tell in the comments what are your nonnegotiable self-love acts this year!


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Remember, you are love, you are light & you are free.

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