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Episode #16: Alila Rose Grace

Lindsey sits with Alila Rose Grace, the inspiring founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup and women's wellness & holistic sex coach. Together they dive deep into the female experience!

Alila tells the creation story of the Mahina Cup, her journey in facilitating women's wellness, and generously shares gems such as::: "Body is the authority & Uterus is Queen. When we set aside time to listen to our body & take directions from the queen, we'll always be in balance & harmony."

Grab a cup of tea & enjoy this episode!

Have a listen to receive:

  • Benefits & Magic of Yoni Steaming

  • Uterus as Queen & Body as Authority

  • Surrender & Emptiness as keys to being filled with wisdom

  • An easy way to connect in with womb & body today


Connect with Alila at:

& Instagram @mahinacup


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May you return home to your self today.

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