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Episode #18 Movement is Medicine

Now, in a time of quarantine & virus epidemic, it's more important than ever to be sure we are giving our Self enough movement.

Movement is medicine for the body, mind & Soul, and this episode is devoted to bringing you a bit more inspiration to get going.

Have a listen to this episode, and a listen into the stillness of your being to receive what movement exploration&activity is your body really calling forth.


Also mentioned is Episode # 13 Truth about Comfort. Have a listen here.


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Enjoying Her Return the podcast?

If you're feeling to dive even deeper into embodying your dreams & desires...

Then let's connect & see if I may be of greater support to you, wherever you are in your creative process. Whether you desire 1:1 guidance, a retreat experience, or a group course, I am happy to offer my Self in service to your greatest expression!

May you return home to your self today!

in love & gratitude




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