Episode 19 Emily Housman & Birth

In this episode I chat with my friend & colleague, Emily Housman, and we dive into all things birth.

Emily is a registered midwife in the UK, Hypnobirth and DreamBirth practitioner. From birth as a feminist issue, repairing subconscious imprints, & the natural hormonal cocktail that comes from physiological birthing, this is a rich conversation for us all.

Do listen until the very end to receive her #1 top advice on pregnancy & birth preparation!

Have a listen to receive more on the importance of:

  • Midwifery

  • Being in Theta brain waves

  • Repairing subconscious imprints

  • Education, education, education around our bodies, choices & desires

Whether your are birthing, considering becoming a parent, or not - as we've all been born there are certainly little treasures to be gleaned. Enjoy & let us know in the comments what you've received!

Connect with Emily on her website at www.EmilyHousman.com

Mentioned in this episode & more on DreamBirth in Episode # 4 with Claudia Raiken

and Episode #3 Conscious Conception.

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