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Episode #24 Body Changes

Body love, Body reverence, Body appreciation - this episode is devoted to embracing body changes.

How do we do it, how do we embrace the changes of form that life brings?

In this episode Lindsey speaks directly from her rapidly changing pregnant body form & gives guidance for every womxn wherever you are in your body love journey.

Have a listen for more on:

  • Embodiment! Getting intimate with your form, right now

  • Processing emotions as they arise

  • Moving your body! Movements that celebrate your form

  • Practical tips for getting intimate with your changes


Mentioned in this episode:


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Enjoying Her Return the podcast?

If you're feeling to dive even deeper into embodying your dreams & desires...

Then let's connect & see if I may be of greater support to you, wherever you are in your creative process. Whether you desire 1:1 guidance, a retreat experience, or a group course, I am happy to offer my Self in service to your greatest expression! Get in touch here.

May you return home to your Self today!

in love & gratitude,



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