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Episode #25: Tiffany Stephens & Human Design

Do you know about Human Design?

It's an integrative system that tells us of our energetic blueprint.

I absolutely love this system, and when I first stumbled upon it in 2012 it was one of the confirmations that gave me full permission to follow my dreams of supporting people in an alternative way, carving my own path of service outside of the clearly marked lines.

Which is why I'm SO excited to introduce you to it, and the mystical Tiffany Stephens! Tiffany gives us the pleasure of outlining the core elements of Human Design, what they mean for each Type, Strategy, essential necessities of your chart and more.

Tiffany has wealth of knowledge & experience to share coming from her years of inner enquiry & exploring ancient teachings of many cultures. She is a Catalyst for Change and uses Human Design as one of her many tools for supporting others in their transformations.

Have a listen & receive about:

  • Origin of Human Design

  • Types, Strategies, Profiles, & Inner Authority

  • Why your design is essential to know in embodying your freedom


Connect with Tiffany on Facebook & via her Website.


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Enjoying Her Return the podcast?

If you're feeling to dive even deeper into embodying your dreams & desires...

Then let's connect & see if I may be of greater support to you, wherever you are in your creative process. Whether you desire 1:1 guidance, a retreat experience, or a group course, I am happy to offer my Self in service to your greatest expression! Get in touch here.

May you return home to your Self today!

in love & gratitude,




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