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Episode #26: Claudia Kaiser & Pregnancy Loss

In this episode I sit with Claudia Kaiser to open up on miscarriage - also known as pregnancy loss &/or natural abortion. Claudia is a Mind-Body-Nutrition Coach who is on a mission to help women and men, their (future) children & the planet to recover optimal health & fertility.

Her passions for living a fertile life are what guide her in her work & embodied being.

Today Claudia opens up about her very own journey through pregnancy loss.

With the highest intention of dissolving taboos about speaking on this topic & experience, may this episode illuminate all ears & hearts that listen.

Listen to receive upon:

  • Scarcity vs the Fertile Path

  • Facing the Fear of Death

  • Taking Self-Responsibility

  • Treasures in the Loss

  • Connecting with & Learning from the Souls Passed


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