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Episode #52 Aurélie & Pelvic Medicine

I am absolutely thrilled to invite your ears, heart & womb to receive this potent episode on pelvic medicine with Aurélie de Schoutheete.

"We've all been in pelvises, we come from pelvises." And yet, how much do we know about & anchor into within our own pelvis?

From traversing the bodily disconnection that is inherent to training in the medical field, to being the medicine woman that she is, Aurélie supports women through working with the fascial and muscular tissues vaginally.

Through this work we are able to release the information that doesn't belong in our bodies. Whether it be from this life's experience or transgenerational patterning - all can be transformed when we listen deeply as body is always leaning towards healing & integration. This episode is truly devoted to our innate resiliency.

Listen to receive more on :

  • Mechanical, Energetic & Transgenerational information stored within

  • How we model & impact the world by being in our own vitality

  • How the body always goes towards healing & vitality

  • Intravaginal tissue release & full body relaxation

  • Anchoring into body connection & consent


Connect with Aurélie for in person consults in Belgium at

pour les francophones en ligne -

and on Facebook



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May this episode be inspiration on your journey of returning Home to your Self. xxoo Lindsey


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