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3 Step Creation Process

New Nest Creation

It’s May and we’re settling into our new home. Panda the cat is loving his garden - with the new morning ritual of nesting under the bamboo before chowing down on his meaty breakfast. Jean is dreaming of transforming the basement into his workshop (man’s cave). I’m getting ready to paint the womb room’s fire wall red.

Finally I’m with the space to sit down to write you at length.

I desire to tell you my creation process for this home, and for all things. This opportunity in particular seems to be a shining example of the process for real tangible creations. I invite you to follow it for something you desire, and then tell me all about it!


It's December 2018. While we are traveling in Peru we decide, bright & clear, that we are going to move. Our lease is up in March, and upon asking my dreams when we’d move I received a clear date in April. Upon arrival back to Brussels in January, I begin to do the work.

Step 1. Receive Desire & Vision

Here I am, desiring the perfect upgrade for our family as we are now and as we grow.

Any yet, simply desiring an upgrade isn’t enough. I must get crystal clear on the specifics. Write it out. Feel what it’ll feel like to have such a home & how it’ll change my current experience. I need to involve those whom will be involved (Partner & Panda). I've got to have the vision.

I sit & I envision the perfect home space & walk myself through it. Then, I write it down.

I desire a working space for me to host my workshops & circles outside of the living room - creating more freedom for my partner as well. I desire a garden for Panda to walk into whenever he wants & for us to connect with the Earth. I desire my already non-negotiables - bathtub, luminous, spacious, cozy, perfect for us. Plus a dishwasher and a large refrigerator. (Try living with a shoebox kitchen and a small mini fridge for 3 years when you love to cook & food prep. Never again.)

And, the same price in rent.

Yes I'm on order of an upgrade and a large savings account for my even bigger dreams. Universe - I’m putting this to you!

Once I have it super clear, I create a one liner & set it where I can see it daily.

“Luminous, spacious, workspace at home, large kitchen, garden, home is ours, Now.” becomes my daily 13h reminder.

Now I'm ready for Step #2

Step 2. Clear the Space

What clearing the space is all about is as its namesake gives away- making space for what it is I desire to receive. That means physical space, mental space, emotional space, energetic space, spiritual space, time space, all the space.

Before I even begin looking if what I desire even exists, I know I have to create A LOT of space. I begin with what I’m best at - Imagery & Dreamwork. I set to it with a regime of daily exercises to clear my limiting beliefs - about myself & the possibilities.

I clear the unworthiness, the self-judgments, and all the bullshit. My personal mix includes garbage bags of : I’m too picky, I’m too demanding, Who am I to get what I want, This is too much it’ll never even happen, Quit dreaming, I’m unworthy of abundance, A garden is far too expensive, etc etc etc.

As I am clearing the noise, I begin to feel grief about leaving our home.

This space that for the first time in my life I really engaged with in making a home. It was the first home I ever truly co-created a nest. I’ve been on my own since 16, yet was always with roommates / home owners who kindly took care of that. This was the first place I fully activated my Cancer Rising & expressed myself within a home. There was so much meaning & therefore so many emotions to surf through, cry out, express and celebrate with joy.

Grief has a funny little spiral, one that I know so intimately & well. We MUST respect & get real with it during every new creation. Please, if anything, remember: Grief is natural, a gift, and integrates more gracefully when respectfully given space to dance with.

After about two weeks of daily engagement I know that what we are creating is happening. I feet it in every cell of my body. As I continue the daily dreaming, I add in the physical cleaning - and begin to go through and empty out all of everything that doesn’t make me feel radiant & alive. Books, socks, t-shirts, shoes, nothing is safe & everything was put into question. This is my physical space clearing - as I know we are moving & its time to lighten the load before actually needing to load up. (This is a very important step, because it tells the Great Mystery that you're serious & ready for the greatness that you've ordered to come your way.)

Then, while planing the next six months of my work & life, I block off April. I make sure to not have any courses or workshops happening & keep my client list organized to not overfill my weekly frames. I make the timespace to easily & gracefully move.

Step 3. Start Acting

Now that the space within my mind, heart & womb are ready to say goodbye & welcome in something new, it becomes the perfect moment to tell our landlord.

With that we give our notice to leave in February - as in Belgium we have to give 3 months notice (driving my American habits crazy!). With the official notice given, we begin to surf the pages for new home opportunities.

This is an important aspect to remember: the process then repeats itself.

When I begin to look at places, I am confronted with questioning my vision - with doubts & fears popping up. The necessity is to pause & clear the inner space. Again & again re-aligning to the vision. And only then, clear & aligned, act another time.

After about 4 attempts at looking online, it becomes evident that I am wasting my most precious resource- my time. It's far too early to find something posted online, so I simply surrender. I say, "Ok universe, I’ll keep clearing the way, and leave the rest up to you." I trust 100% that I'll be shown when it is time to act again, and I continue with my work.

One week later, my partner comes home to tell me an acquaintance of his has an apartment to rent that possibly will be free for April/May. My ears perk, my heart smiles, and I say ok, let’s see.

The rest is ourstory!

Our new nest meets ALL of our non-negotiable criteria, plus some extra practicals like being closer to the park & keeping closeness to public transit.

This creation process is flashing with shining light confirmations for me. Highlighting & emphasizing with what ease & grace great goodness can pop up in our experience when we clear the space to receive. When letting go of the HOW and getting crystal clear on the WHY & WHAT, everything we want to BE, DO, & HAVE simply falls into place.

I pop the simple formula over to you::

What vision are you desiring most?

What space needs to be cleared in order to receive it?

What conscious actions are there for you to take?

I look forward to hearing about your dreams coming true!

Much love,



PS. If you desire support in your next big creation & to open up the power of your magnetism, I have space for one new 1:1 Transformational Program this summer. Let’s chat.


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