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Ep#28: Valerie Wiesner & Sacred Postpartum

Bringing the Beauty to women in postpartum, Valerie Wiesner joins me for this episode into Sacred Postpartum.

Valerie is a midwife, pioneer, passionate protector of women in the childbearing year & beyond, and postpartum survivor 16 times. She currently serves & trains locally & globally through online and LIVE trainings, and virtually for personal postpartum journeys.

Have a listen to receive more on:

  • The cultural differences of postpartum care

  • The link between postpartum & our wise woman years

  • The High Value in tending the open, raw & vulnerable Mama

  • Practical tips for every woman in preparing for her most supportive experience

We are postpartum forever after the birth of a babe and there is always time to uplevel our self-mothering care. Enjoy this episode for greater inspiration, and take a loving action for yourself or another Mama today!


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