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Episode #20: Nisha Gill & Primal Birthing

I have the absolute pleasure of sitting with Nisha Gill of Feminine Instincts, to go deep into primal birthing. Nisha is a Melbourne-based peri-natal specialist who offers embodied birth education, doula support, counseling, Somatic Experiencing®, a range of bodywork modalities, & birth hypnosis.

We dive into birth preparation & setting up for the most primal, intuitive & instinctive birthing experience. Nisha generously shares her rich expertise in supporting women & their supporters in meeting the intensity of birth and gives us an in-depth transmission in this episode.

Have a listen to receive on:

  • Safety first, whatever that means for the birthing womxn

  • Oxytocin magnification strategies

  • Optimal environment setup

  • Coming back to body as authority

  • Addressing trauma - bottom up & top down


Connect with Nisha at on Facebook and Instagram.

Also mentioned is Episode # 2 of this podcast with Dévashi.

and DreamBirth.


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