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Episode #44: Keri Krieger & PeriMenopause

Welcome to PeriMenopause with this week's returning guest, Keri Krieger. You may remember Keri from Episode #10, the Chinese medicine woman who weaves magical & whimsical dreaming wisdom through all that she transmits.

Keri is on a mission to open us up to "The transition that starts the arching of life's seasons shifting..." which is perimenopause.

I am so excited to share this perspective opening conversation about this 15 year window that precedes menopause.

The magic, the medicine, and the invitation for greater softening and opening within your female experience is all within.

Enjoy for more on:

  • Going beyond symptomatology

  • Perimenopause's invitation & preparations

  • Ancient Chinese wisdom for this transitional space

  • Energetic, Social & Cultural perspectives of this shift


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Episodes mentioned within:

Episode #10 Keri Krieger

Episode #36 Mikailah Star Witch


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My prayer is that this podcast episode is in service to your whole Self acceptance and expression.

Being all of the bigness that You uniquely are

is the light of this world.

May you return home to your Self today! in love & gratitude, Lindsey


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