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Episode #42: Kate Christensen & The Art of Mothering

This week's guest is a dear hearted sister, Kate Christensen. Kate generously opens up on her growing body of work, The Art of Mothering.

Kate & I connected a few years ago through community with one of our mutual mentors. I was originally sparked by her unique way of articulating the opportunities that come for evolving in maturity through mothering, and feel blessed whenever we get to sit and exchange on the beauty and awakenings that the journey brings. Which is why I invited her onto the podcast, to share her blessings through this deliciously spacious conversation.

Kate is a Sacred Female & Hatha Yoga teacher. Since 2016, she's been on a deep & messy journey of feminine awakening and reclamation. Female Embodiment & Aware Parenting are the tools she uses to reconnect with her body, emotions and authentic self and move beyond perfectionism. Kate focuses on helping mothers to mother themselves and to recognize that their wellbeing is the greatest contribution and gift they can offer both their families and the human collective.

Enjoy this episode to receive more on:

  • Kate's personal journey

  • Anger - Assertiveness spectrum

  • Tears & tantrums

  • Capacity to repair & Compassion


Connect with Kate on instagram, Facebook and her online studio Her Space.

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May you return home to your Self today! in love & gratitude, Lindsey


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